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Non Playing Characters or NPCs, are residents of Ancaria or Underworld. They are not played by any particular player, and may interact with your character is several ways. They are represented by blue or white dots on the Sacred:Mini Map. (This map is visible when you hold down the Tab key.)

Blue colored NPCs generally just have something to say. This often indicates the local reputation of your character. The more side quests your character has completed, the more friendly the remarks. Other comments may provide information and hints about different aspects of the game.

NPCs represented by a white dot have a quest to offer. This may be a main quest, or a side Quests. Sometimes when a quest is accepted, the NPCs may accompany you until its completion. Some of these will assist in fighting, others will run and hide during battle.

There are four special kinds of NPCs found in Ancaria. They are always found in a town or village, and provide special interactions for you. They are: