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deasoul1.png The Dark Elf has the ability to absorb the souls of his fallen opponents in order to restore his life energy. Instead of rising into the sky, the souls will be pulled towards the Dark Elf in order to heal him.


Stats and Formulae

  • The regeneration formula can be found at Regeneration Formulae.
  • Health gained per soul = 40 + 30*(Rune Level-1)
  • Duration = 40 + (Rune Level-1)

Usage Strategies

  • Works really well as a sustain mechanism if there are multiple weaker opponents around.


  • Provides "free" health if there are enough corpses.
  • Amazing sustain vs bosses that have multiple weaker minions around them, that you can use as "fuel".
  • Health gained increases linearly (+30) with rune levels.


  • Souls are (sometimes) slow to return to the Dark Elf.
  • Only receive life energy "after" foe is vanquished.
  • Doesn't work versus enemies that don't leave a soul.
  • Relatively high regeneration level time (12 - only Pak-Dain and Pak-Nakor have a higher RLT for the DE).


  • At char level 1 (20 phys regen) you can eat 2 soul catcher runes getting your rune level to 2, the regen time will still be below the duration time (care however if you want to use skills that share timers).