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originally posted at DarkMatters for review and discussion.

Seldom-used Dark Elf Combat Arts

While I am taking a break from leveling my [[Sacred:Dark Elf[[Sacred: in [[Sacred:Underworld[[Sacred:, I thought I'd post a little about DE combat arts that are often neglected, but are highly useful.

Cobra: [[Sacred:Cobra[[Sacred: is a powerful combat art that shouldn't be ignored. With cobra, you have an effective means to overcome the toughest bosses and make mobs more manageable, regardless of your build. I know that myself and some others have sung its praises here in the forum in the past, but I feel it deserves extra mention because with cobra, super tough bossess in the [[Sacred:Ancaria[[Sacred: campaign such as [[Sacred:DeMordrey[[Sacred: (in Niobium, he is insanely tough) can fall to your greatness. Since I haven't gone very far in the Underworld campaign as of yet, I can't comment about the bossess there, except to say that cobra still works just fine in UW so far.

[[Sacred:Mongoose[[Sacred:: This is a decent puddle and obstacle-jumping CA that doesn't need much into it to work. Unlike the Glad's [[Sacred:Stomping Jump[[Sacred:, this CA does not need to target an enemy to work. You just click where you want to go, and your DE jumps there. It's good to use when you want to travel around the screen very quickly.