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Pertaining to the game content of Unbended, Sacred Underworld, Sacred 2 Fallen Angel, Sacred Citadel, Sacred 3.

The content of (including Unbended) is licensed freely under the Attribution-Noncommercial-Share Alike 3.0 Unported (also called the by-sa license). All contributors retain ownership of any content contributed, but also permanently license the right to use it to SacredWiki. The text of the articles can be copied, modified, and transmitted as long as the new version acknowledges the authors of the article and grants the same freedoms to others.

Ownership, software and custom-images used in SacredWiki

There are many aspects of the ownership of the site:

  • The site itself is owned and operated by Brad Cook and Rommel Fernando.
  • The artwork created and contributed by co-owner and designer, Schot (Brad Cook), for such as the Map of Ancaria, the Character Set Items, as well as custom cut-outs such as Runes, Skills and Attribute indicator symbols including others used here on SacredWiki are not permitted to be used on other websites and are strictly created for use on only.
  • The copyright of a particular edit is owned by the user who made the edit.
  • The site uses two kinds of software:

1) MediaWiki, which is owned by the Wikimedia Foundation.

2) IpbWiki which serves as a "bridge" between DarkMatters and SacredWiki

You, the contributors, allow contributions to SacredWiki to be edited, altered, or removed by the community,as is indicated below the "Save Page" button of every page. Please don't submit your content or writing here if you do not want it edited. As a reflection of this, community of SacredWiki has the authority and control over most of the content on SacredWiki, leaving Sysops/Admins with control over certain pages.

Using Materials from SacredWiki

If you want to use content from this site, you must abide by the same creative commons license used by SacredWiki on this site. The following three obligations apply:

  • Your materials in turn must be licensed under our by-sa license.
  • You must give attribution to the article from which the content was taken, as well as it's author.
  • You must give access to the page from where the content was used.

You may fulfill the last two obligations by directly linking back to the article hosted on the site as well as the history page of the article. Any of the above conditions may be waived with permission from the copyright holder.