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Set items, piece by piece may seem trivial in what they offer, but when combined for the bonuses, a player may pick out, by seeing what they offer, how to put a good build together that fits specific build goals. When a player can see all the set items together and analyze the relationships they have between the individual pieces, a player can see what skills and Combat Art choices best complement the sets' benefits, and can gain significant advantages.

One of the benefits of set items is their predictability. They will drop again and again, and a player may count upon their bonuses to increase in value with level. This will make for good early-level strategies on how to create a build, especially when the sets' benefits, sockets and boni are there to be studied.

There is also a predictable pattern regarding when you get your boni for a set of items: for most characters, in the case of "original" set items (full sets of armor) new boni are rewarded at 3, 5, 7 and 8 collected items of the same set. The High Elf is an exception from this; because she has only 7 pieces of armor, she gets the boni at 4, 5, 6 and 7 collected items. As for the new mini-sets, which consist of 4 pieces, new boni are awarded at 3 and 4 collected pieces.

Every single time a character levels up the Set Bonus stats will increase in tiny steps. Most often the increase per level will be fractional and so only see a change every several levels. There are exceptions.

Sacred 2 currently offers a number of sets per class, with some sets giving benefits to a particular aspect.

Dragon Mage Set Items

Pyx's Power (Dragon Magic)

Draagen's Legacy (Elemental Magic)

Torik's Oath (Mentalism)

Mavv's Vow

Thraken's Command

Halgrim's Law

Dryad Set Items

Daerwain's Revenge (Cabalistic Voodoo)

Detheya's Agility (Capricious Hunter)

Leaves and Twigs (Nature Weaver)

Call of the Forest


Tendils of Time

Eternal Flame

Glyphs of Torment

High Elf Set Items

Adornments of the Ancestors (Delphic Arcania)

Celdrahil's pandemonium (Arrant Pyromancer)

Faladal's Blizzard (Mystic Stormite)

Ashes of Perdition

Garments of the Storms

Velaria's Heirloom

Virgo's Revenge

Vestments of Innocence

Inquisitor Set Items

Deylen's Power (Astute Supremacy)

Ilgard's Judgment (Gruesome Inquisition)

Saraki's Path to the Netherworld (Nefarious Netherworld)

Kuan's Verdict

Insignia of Balefullness

Determined Justice

Drapes of Catharsis


Seraphim Set Items

Endijian's Artifacts (Revered Technology)

Niokaste's Blade Dance (Exalted Warrior)

Revelation of the Seraphim (Celestial Magic)

Heavenly Justice

Illuminated Skies

Infinite Revenge

Nikotaste's Arguments

Origin of the Seraish

Sofia's Benevolence

Twilight Of The Gods

Shadow Warrior Set Items

Lucreti's Stars (Astral Lord)

Armantin's Legacy (Death Warrior)

Denderan's Tactical Genius (Malevolent Champion)

Cold Grave

Eternal Silence

Infernal Torment

Executioner's Aids

Ravok's Renaissance

Bergonix' Judge

Temple Guardian Set Items

Combat Modules CC10 (Devout Guardian)

T-Energy Modules (Source Warden)

Technical Modules (Lost Fusion)

Cybernetic Tormentor

Guardians of Light

Guardians of Shadows

Lumen's Servants


Christmas Sets

Dryad's Merry Christmas Set

High Elf's Merry Christmas Set

Inquisitor's Dark Christmas Set

Seraphim's White Christmas Set

Shadow Warrior's Merry Christmas Set

Temple Guardian's Merry Christmas Set

Dragon Mage's Merry Christmas Set (available only with Community Patch)

All Class Set Items

Community Patch Set Items


Dragon Mage

Auspicious Powers


Kha-Beleth's Sovereignty


Memories of the Trees

Remnants of Glaurung

The Wild Cat

High Elf

Armaments of the nine hells

Children of Asha

Frozen Gems

Lara's Glad Rags

Mage of the Spectrum

Range Array


Disgraced Gods

The Judicator


Genesis Siderea

Impressions of Sophia

Sopor Aethernis

Virtues of the Seraphim

Shadow Warrior

Centurio's Insignia

Doom Guard Armor

Kanka's Relics

Pandamonium's Pride

Scourge of Lordaeron

Temple Guardian

Kendric's Archon

All Class Set Items

Crypt Raider's Artifacts

Disciples of the Architect


Eternal Return

Flesh-Eaters' Implements

Insignia Regis

Remnants of Drizzt

Smoke Without Fire

Undead Legionaire's Armaments

Tooth and Nail

The Night and The Silent Water

Mutation Sets

Dragon Mage: Draco's Garments of Mutation

Dryad: Mormorin's Garments of Mutation

High Elf: Glimborin's Garments of Mutation

Inquisitor:Arbereth's Garments of Mutation

Seraphim: Megalcarwen's Garments of Mutation

Shadow Warrior: Tallin's Garments of Mutation

Temple Guardian: Dimiona's Garments of Mutation

Gemmae (Sigil Sets)