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Technical Data

Class: High Elf

Set name: Children of Asha

Set Item Names:

Available sockets:

  • Bronze.png 1 Bronze
  • Silver.png 7 Silver
  • Gold.png 6 Gold

Armor Resistances:

Bonus to Combat Arts

Bonus to Skills

  • N/A

Bonus to Attributes

Item Modifiers

About the Set

  • Children of Asha uses a special variant skin of the High Elf's Asha Armor, which also has 3 other variants that can be found as magic and rare random pieces of armor.
  • Asha is the primordial dragon of the Might and Magic series. She is the creator of the world of Ashan, sister of Urgash and mother of the six elemental dragons: Elrath, Malassa, Sylanna, Arkath, Ylath and Shalassa. While she is well-known as the "Dragon of Order", Asha appears in many different forms. Asha and Urgash fought against each other in the Genesis, during which Asha banished Urgash into the heart of her world. However, she was wounded in that battle, and hid in the moon in order to heal herself. Asha renders the fate of all mortal beings—she spins forth their destiny upon their birth, measures it throughout their time in the physical world, and then embraces their life force upon death.
    • Check the pages for the individual set pieces to read the lore of the dragons that inspired each item.
  • This set is intentionally designed as heroic, heavy armor in contrast to the High Elf's usual skimpy outfits and as such it gives numerous premium defensive bonuses.

The Set Bonuses

These bonuses are dependent on character level and game difficulty. As the character levels up the Set Bonus will increase on a per level basis. In some cases there will be no change in stats from one level to another. This is because some stats increase at a fraction per level up. The server difficulty being played on will also have an effect on the Set Bonuses. For example a character's Set Bonuses will be higher in Niobium difficulty than any other difficulty.

# of Items Bronze Silver Gold (Level 120) Platinum Niobium (Level 200)
Max. Hitpoints 3 + 928 + 2,800
All Skills 5 + 7 + 16
Damage 6 + 60.0%
Regeneration Penalty from Buffs 7 - 17.8% - 26.4%

Children of asha set bonus.jpg

Recommended pieces

Set Item Drop Levels

  • All items in this set begin dropping at level 15 and drop in 15 level increments

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