Sacred 2:Block chance: Close Combat

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  • Bonuses from different sources have diminishing returns and can be calculated using the following formula:

x_final = х_1 + х_2*(100%-х_1)^2 + х_3*(100%-(х_1+х_2*(100%-х_1)^2))^2 + х_4*...

  • The block is calculated before reflection. Blocked damage cannot be reflected when reaching 100% chance to block (only possible for Close Combat).
    • For example a High Elf repeatedly casting the Expulse Magic on herself eventually gains a Chance Block Combat Arts at close to 100%, and the "Crystal Skin" buff ceases to reflect spells, as all they have previously blocked. This fact in no way belittles the importance of reflection, however, just a note of the fact that when achieving 100% chance to block, reflection makes no sense as it simply won't work.
  • Successfully blocking or reflecting a close combat or ranged combat attack negates all detrimental effects and negative effects like stun/disarm/Deep Wounds-Serious Open Wounds-Deadly Wounds, that could have been caused by this attack.
  • "Shield lore" skill mastery grants the bonus, which stacks cumulatively (1+1=2) with a block chance on the shield/equipment: when bonus from "shield lore" skill mastery and a block chance on the shield/equipment summary reached 100%, the character would be completely immune to all melee attacks, including Weapon Damage Based CAs.