Sacred 2:Weapon Damage Based Combat Arts

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Mini Sera Asp 01.png Exalted Warrior SEsh.gif Soul Hammer

SEps.gif Pelting Strikes

SEas.gif Assailing Somersault

Mini Sera Asp 03.png Revered Technology SEaw.gif Archangel's Wrath


Mini DRY Asp 01.png Capricious Hunter DRri.gif Ravaged Impact

DRda.gif Darting Assault

Inqmini.png Inquisitor

Mini INQ Asp 01.png Gruesome Inquisition INce.gif Callous Execution

INrm.gif Ruthless Mutilation

INmp.gifMortifying Pillory

INff.gif Frenetic Fervor

buffINpc.gif Purifying Chastisement

HEmini.pngHigh Elf

Mini HE Asp 02.png Delphic Arcania HEmc.gif Magic Coup

TGmini.pngTemple Guardian

Mini TG Asp 01.png Devout Guardian TGdb.gif Dedicated Blow

TGbe.gif Battle Extension

DMmini.pngDragon Mage

Mini DM Asp 01.png Dragon Magic DMdb.gif Dragon Berserk DMlacerate.gif Lacerate

SWmini.pngShadow Warrior

Mini SW Asp 01.png Death Warrior SWdb.gif Demonic Blow

SWss.gif Scything Sweep

Mini SW Asp 02.png Malevolent Champion SWfr.gif Frenzied Rampage

Mini SW Asp 03.png Astral Lord SWsh.gif Spectral Hand

Corresponding Skills

All the weapon damage based Combat Arts are affected by the following skills:

  • Combat Discipline will increase their damage and reduce their regeneration time if any of these Combat Arts is placed within a combo. The increase in damage is direct; it increases the extra damage boost provided by the Combat Art.
  • Their respective aspect focuses lower their regeneration times and allow higher CA level without penalty.
  • Tactics Lore indirectly increases their damage by increasing the damage the weapon deals.
  • The respective weapon lores of the weapons used for the Combat Art (for example, Sword Weapons) increase execution speed and indirectly add to chance to hit by increasing the weapon's attack value.
  • Speed Lore will increase the chance to hit by boosting weapon attack value.

Corresponding Attributes

  • Stamina fastens the regeneration of all Combat Arts, including weapon-based ones.
  • Strength affects the damage inflicted by these Combat Arts while used with a melee weapon and increases attack value.
  • Dexterity affects the damage inflicted by these Combat Arts while used with a ranged weapon (and some melee weapons), and increases attack value.
  • Intelligence affects the damage inflicted by these Combat Arts while used with a magic staff.

Applying the Item Modifiers

  • All the Item Modifiers that apply to the normal hits also apply to the weapon based Combat Arts.


Archangel's Wrath, Magic Coup, and Spectral Hand are listed here but they function differently in some ways from the other weapon-based CA's. Therefore they can also be classified as Hybrid Combat Arts - see link below for more information.

Chance to block/reflect: Combat Arts doesn't protect from Weapon Damage Based Combat Arts; Chance to block/reflect: Projectiles and Chance to block/reflect: Close Combat protect. (depends on weapon used)

Successfully evading, blocking or reflecting a close or ranged Weapon Damage Based Combat Arts negates all detrimental effects and negative effects like stun/disarm/seriously wounds, that could have been caused by these CA.

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