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The Dryad

The Dryads are descendants of renegade Elves who withdrew to the western islands in ancient times. Dryads live as one with nature and are masters of nature magic. They’re also well-skilled with ranged weapons such as bows or blowguns.

The Dryad is an adept of ranged combat. She has also mastered the magic of nature, and even practices dark voodoo, which she can use to collect shrunken heads from her enemies!

The Story

Dryad Class Quest (Light Path) Introduction: "I'm from the deep woods. My heart beats in tune with nature and my soul draws its power from the mystical force of the trees. But the world's destiny forced me to leave my home and fight to prevent nature's destruction. I spare no pains for this aim."

Dryad Class Quest (Shadow Path) Introduction: "Once, the forests were my home. I believed that under the protection of nature I would live forever, far away from the quarrels of this world. Still, I had to realize this was an illusion! Thus I decided to leave the forests and to take my stand on the stage of this world. Wherever my journeys will take me, I shall not lost track of my ambitions."

The Dryads live a secluded life in harmony with their environment. They go hunting, they are skillful in using poison and traps and they observe their traditions diligently. Most of them never see life outside their homeland and generally, they are not interested in affairs beyond their borders. Their tight bond with nature bestows abilities deriving from the very strengths of the wilderness upon these fighters of the forest. The most powerful of the Dryad hunters are even knowledgeable of the dark arts of Voodoo.

Despite being cut off from the rest of the world, even the Dryads are being affected by the changes that the Great Machine is causing. Entire areas of their habitat have been destroyed by uncontrolled T-Energy, and creatures that the energy didn’t destroy mutated to powerful monstrosities, which are now haunting their forests.

The Paths

The hunter must choose ...

The Dryad's iron will to save her home can enable her to combat the effects of T-energy and to rectify the betrayal of Mother Nature. The Dryad must restore the order of nature, and so gain salvation for herself and all the beings of Ancaria.
Light Path
But the Dryad should not forget why the world has become so sick. The Ancarian nations are to blame for the destruction of the world, and the T-Energy would be a means to punish them all. There can be only one power to dominate the T-Energy ...
Shadow Path

So she must choose between salvation and damnation. Between vengeance and mercy ...

Dryad Starting Attributes

Base starting attributes level 1, silver difficulty, no survival bonus, naked.

Strength Stamina Vitality Dexterity Intelligence Willpower Hitpoints
22 25 22 30 27 20 135

Dryad Skills

All skills in the left column below may be chosen as soon as a character reaches level two. All skills in the right column below may be chosen only after a Primary skill from the left column has reached level 5.

Combat Art Skills:

concentration.gif Concentration
Improves regeneration for all Combat Arts, and allows the use of up to three simultaneous buffs when mastered.
capricioushunterfocus.gif Capricious Hunter Focus
Improves regeneration and raises max Combat Art level for this aspect.
cabalisticvoodoolore.gif Cabalistic Voodoo Lore
Increases damage, critical chance, and cast speed for this aspect.
natureweaverlore.gif Nature Weaver Lore
Increases damage, critical chance, and cast speed for this aspect.
combatdiscipline.gif Combat Discipline
Increases damage and improves regeneration for Combos. Also increases the number of Combat Arts allowed in a combo.
ancientmagic.gif Ancient Magic
Increases damage for non-weapon based Combat Arts and reduces the opponent's spell resistance when mastered.
cabalisticvoodoofocus.gif Cabalistic Voodoo Focus
Improves regeneration and raises max Combat Art level for this aspect.
natureweaverfocus.gif Nature Weaver Focus
Improves regeneration and raises max Combat Art level for this aspect.

Offensive Skills:

rangedweapons.gif Ranged Weapons
Increases attack speed, chance to hit, and max item level usable without penalties when wielding a ranged weapon.
swordweapons.gif Sword Weapons
Increases attack speed, chance to hit, and max item level usable without penalties when wielding a sword.
polearms.gif Pole Arms
Increases attack speed, chance to hit, and max item level usable without penalties when wielding a pole arm.
tacticslore.gif Tactics Lore
Increases damage and chance for critical hits with all weapons.
dualwield.gif Dual wield
Grants the ability to wield two one-handed (non-ranged) weapons. Increases attack speed and chance to hit for both weapons.
speedlore.gif Speed Lore
Increases attack and defense, and run speed.
damagelore.gif Damage Lore
Provides a better chance for applying "status effects" (e.g., burning with fire damage) on monsters.

Ice and Blood adds one more skill to this list:

magicstaffs.gif Magic Staffs
Increases attack speed, chance to hit, and max item level usable without penalties when wielding a staff.

Defensive Skills:

shieldlore.gif Shield Lore
Grants the ability to use higher-level shields without penalties and increases their Defense Value.
spellresistance.gif Spell Resistance
Increases resistance to spells and protection from spell-based critical hits.
combatreflexes.gif Combat Reflexes
Improves Evasion statistic (chance to dodge attacks), and reduces the chance of receiving a critical hit from an attack.
armorlore.gif Armor Lore
Improves resists, increases maximum item level without penalties, and decreases regeneration penalty from armors.
constitution.gif Constitution
Increases health and health regeneration.
pacifism.gif Pacifism
Reduces damage taken in PvP (all possible ramifications still unknown).

General Skills:

alchemy.gif Alchemy
Enhances the effectiveness of all potions and allows use of certain consumables.
enhancedperception.gif Enhanced Perception
Increases chance of "seeing" invisible monsters and "magical hiding places."
divinedevotion.gif Divine Devotion
Improves regeneration of the Divine Gift (God spell) and unlocks some additional attributes.
riding.gif Riding
Grants the ability to ride better horses, reduces regeneration penalty while mounted, and unlocks special abilities.
bargaining.gif Bargaining
Item price is displayed in inventory, and merchants will offer more favorable prices and better items.

Community Patch v160 adds one more skill to this list:

blacksmith.gif Blacksmith
Allows the player to socket items and exclusive enhancements without having to use a Blacksmith.

Dryad Aspects

  • Capricious Hunter - Ranged combat comes easily to the Dryad, and her prowess with these weapons is frightening. She is second to none when stealthily attacking from a distance, and can inflict great damage before being seen.
  • Cabalistic Voodoo - Displaying the darker side of the Dryad, this powerful magic slowly removes the life force from her enemies. She can also summon the ethereal ghosts of her defeated foes to fight by her side.
  • Nature Weaver - Nature is one of the strongest forces of battle, and a Dryad in tune with her surroundings is indeed formidable. Using the ancient forces of the world, she subdues her opponents and protects herself.

Dryad Combat Arts


Capricious Hunter

Ravaged Impact


Darting Assault


Forest Flight


Dust Devil


Sinister Predator (Buff)



Cabalistic Voodoo

Twisted Torment


Viperish Disease


Black Curse


Malicious Totem


Moribund Animus (Buff)



Nature Weaver

Edaphic Lances


Tangled Vine


Goldenglade Touch


Acute Mind


Ancient Bark (Buff)


Dryad Equipment

Dryad Standard Armor Suits

Dryad Uniques

Dryad Set Items

Community Patch Sets

Dryad Unique Mount

Monitor Lizard

The Dryads respect nature and ever since the Great War they have hated T-Energy. It makes sense that their special mount is a Monitor Lizard, because these giant lizards complement the Dryad's preference for ranged weapons very well.


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