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A Dryad may use Combat Arts and Buffs to increase the chance that some slain opponents will drop a shrunken head that can be equipped by the Dryad (only one at a time). When a player has found a shrunken head, he may drag it into his inventory screen (After pressing "F" key) and set it within the shrunken head slot. The head is comparable to a piece of armor that benefits the dryad with bonuses to magic, combat and protection. All shrunken heads possess an Armor value which gives the dryad a higher resistance against mostly physical damage when worn.

The following Combat Arts will increase the chance to drop a shrunken head from the Dryad's Cabalistic Voodoo Aspect:

The following Combat Arts will increase the chance to drop a shrunken head from the Dryad's Capricious Hunter Aspect:

She may also use the Combat Art (Buff) Moribund Animus to raise a Hireling to fight in battle with her. A Hireling's damage is only increased by the level of the hireling summoned. The level of Hireling summoned is directly related to the Combat Art level at which Moribund Animus is cast at. A weapon slot with pluses to all Combat Arts, Moribund Animus, or to the relevant skills can be used to increase the level at which this Combat Art is cast, which will result in a more powerful Hireling.

  • Note: Combat art level factors into chance for a head drop. Moribund Animus level 1 with a level 1 character results in a 10% chance to drop. (Even if the Animus is not involved in the combat) At Moribund Animus level 1 with a level 200 character you have a 0.4% chance to drop a shrunken head. So, drop chance scales with character level and combat art level, at least for Moribund Animus.

Types of Shrunken Heads

The different types of shrunken heads can be classed according to these three characteristics:

  • Combat Modifier - The general type of modifier that benefits particular traits of a character.
  • Color - Color of the head which, in conjunction with the enemy type of the head, indicates the unique hireling it summons.
  • Enemy Type - The type of enemy that will drop the head

3 Build Types for Headhunting

In decreasing order of effectiveness for headhunting:

Version 1 - Voodun

  • take both Voodoo Focus and Voodoo Lore
  • Keep your regeneration time of Twisted Torment to under 0.5 seconds
  • Gives huge chance of head drop

Version 2 - voodun

  • take Voodoo Focus only, but not the Voodoo Lore
  • Keep your regeneration time of Twisted Torment at 1.0 second
  • Good chance of a head drop

Version 3 - non-voodun

  • Concentration, stamina boosts from potions (and alchemy trophies) and equipment, Regen per Hit (RpH)
  • lowest drop chance, still can somewhat layer Twisted Torment

Combat Modifier

Rare (2 star) (yellow) shrunken heads can have up to 3 modifiers. These include such beauties as:

  • Uncommon (1 star) (blue) shrunken heads can have 1 modifier.
  • Common (0 star) (white) shrunken heads have 1 modifier.

Combat Modifiers for shrunken heads come in three general types:

The three different types of base combat modifiers found upon heads give the following different benefits each per head to characters.

Defense - This affects a monster's Chance to Hit versus the character.


Spell Resistance - This affects a monster's chance to successfully cast a spell at full strength upon the character.


Cabalistic Voodoo Aspect - This can increase either the Cabalistic Voodoo Lore or Cabalistic Voodoo Focus levels.



The color of the Shrunken head dropped is indicated by the color of the writing. This also indicates the strength and kind of hireling summoned. White heads are the easiest to have dropped from enemies but create the weakest hirelings. Blue is next in rarity, with Yellow only being found from unique bosses (or young dragons). In this way, a shrunken head of the same enemy type can come in three colors. Each color summons it's own unique hireling with the yellow head hirelings of that particular monster type being the strongest. Yellow heads generally also produce summons that have life leech of their own, making them much more durable. The scorpion summon is particularly robust due to it's high attack rate and double attacks. In the example shown here of the three types of colored heads of the same monster enemy type, the yellow enemy summoned would be the minotaur, one of the strongest hirelings possible. Blue Heads may have an extra modifier on the head as bonus, with yellow heads having the largest number of modifiers with greatest values.




Enemy Type

Each enemy in the game is grouped within an Enemy Type for the use of shrunken heads. Orcs and ogres, for example, belong to the goblinoid enemy type. A Dryad who wears the correct Enemy Type head while in battle against a matching enemy within that same enemy type gains significant bonuses via damage. Dryad Combat Arts that benefit from wearing the correct Enemy Type head are:

List of Voodoo Head Enemy Types

Hireling List


Base Game Shrunken Heads and Hirelings

White Animal Head


Blue Animal Head


White Barbarian Head


  • Drops from Kobolds of all varieties
  • Slow
  • Weak Damage

Blue Barbarian Head


White Dryad Head


White Elven Head


Blue Elven Head

  • Drops from Nimonuil in the end of main campaign

White Goblinoid Head

  • Drops from most of the Goblinoid Enemies such as Orcs

Blue Goblinoid Head


  • Drops from Orc Warrior champions

White Insect Head


  • Moves slowly

Blue Insect Head

  • Drops from the spider champions in the cave on the Dryad Island

Yellow Insect Head


  • Dual Wielding with Life Leech. Fast attacks.

White Monster Head


Blue Monster Head


Yellow Monster Head


  • Has 20 life leech, single attack

White T-Mutation Head


Blue T-Mutation Head

  • Drops from ...
  • Can't move. Can teleport to the player's character if the distance between them becomes significant

Yellow T-Mutation Head

  • has 15 life leech, single attack

White Undead Head


Blue Undead Head

White Dragon Head

Yellow Dragon Head

White Human Head

Blue Human Head

Community Patch Shrunken Heads and Hirelings

Yellow Animal Head

Yellow Barbarian Head

Blue Dragon Head

Yellow Dryad Head

Yellow Goblinoid Head

Blue Human Head

Yellow Human Head

Yellow Undead Head

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