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spellresistance.gif Spell Resistance

Increases spell resistance against magic spells and additional damage effects such as Burn, Poison, Freeze, Weaken, as well as the chance to evade Critical Hits.

Skill level 1 10 20 30 40 50 60 70 74 75 80 90 100 110 120 130 140 155 170 185 200
Spell Resistance, +%: 9,8 41,7 71,5 96,9 118,5 137,3 153,6 168,1 173,5 180,8 195,1 221,1 243,8 264,2 282,2 298,3 313,1 332,5 349,5 364,5 377,7
Evade Critical, -%: 9 29,4 41,7 49,2 54,2 57,8 60,5 62,7 63,4 64,3 66,1 68,8 70,9 72,5 73,8 74,8 75,7 76,8 77,7 78,4 79
DME&DOT duration, %: - - - - - - - - - 35,6 33,8 31,1 29 27,4 26,1 25,1 24,2 23,1 22,2 21,5 20,9




The "magic resistance" skill gives the relative (percentage of the current value) lower chance of the enemy critical strike by SpellBasedDamageCA. This means that even the extremely high values of this skill does not give immunity to critical strikes.

Alternate methods of increasing Spell Resistance

How it works

Spell Resistance is both a stat and a skill. The stat is based on the character's Willpower attribute (so if you have a willpower of 200, you will have a base Spell Resistance of 200 before any other mods are factored in), and it can be increased by a number of means (the +% Spell Resistance mod on items, either native on the item, or forged into items). Spell Resistance is used in a calculation with Spell Intensity (the defender's Spell Resistance vs. the attacker's Spell Intensity), if the defender "wins" or "succeeds" on this calculation, the attacker's spell's damage is reduced by 30%; if the attacker "wins", their spell damage is not reduced at this point (though it will still be reduced by any Armor and Damage Mitigation).

As there is no analogue of the chance to hit % on the character screen, the Spell Resistance skill does not appear to have any effect, but we are informed by the devs that it is working.

At level 75 it makes the duration of DoT, De-Buffs and Detrimental effects 35,6% of original value and decreases it further when the skill level is increased. Damage dealt by these effects is decreased proportionally to the time decrease. For example, if incoming DoT was to inflict 250 damage for 5 seconds it would be decreased by Mastery of Spell Resistance to two seconds - 250 damage dealt by the first pulse and 187 damage a second later, summing up to 437 damage which is 35,6% of initial 1250.


At first skill mastery reduces debuff duration, secondly it reduces the power of effect (. For example, 75 hard points in SR skill and "Detrimental Magic Effects -33%" modifier in total give the character 65+11* = 76% reduction of debuff power and duration. Defenсes are calculated layerwise (have diminishing returns) , so immunity can not be achieved.

Characters, investing skill points into willpower attribute and holding the value of "magic resistance" skill at the highest possible level, receive from Spell Damage Based CAs only (0.7*1.04)/(1*1.2) = 60% of that damage, which receive characters, ignoring willpower attribute and "magic resistance" skill.

Having Spell Intensity of 2400 and more allows to "win" this check even against Champions and Bosses of the highest levels (200+).

"Failing" the Spell Resistance\Spell Intensity check also means that Damage Over Time, caused by Secondary Damage Effect (caused by Spell Damage Based CAs) would also be reduced by 30%.

Spell Resistance does not affect negative effects like stun (as it is not considered a detrimental magic effect). Stun duration can not be decreased by any modifiers. It is a constant value defined by DurationStun parameter in balance.txt (default value is 300 which is equal to 3 seconds in game).

Spell Intensity has no effect on build-in Damage over Time (caused by some Spell Damage Based CAs with 100% chance), removing buffs, short-debuffs (10 sec) or lond-debuffs (30 sec), which can be used by some enemies or characters (pvp).

To have high-level Champion opponents always lose the Spell Intensity/Spell Resistance check when they use their CAs against the player's character, this character should have Spell Resistance stat of 4000 and more (total value summed up from Willpower attribute, equipment and Spell Resistance skill). Bosses always have incredible high value of spell intensity, so even with extremely high values of Spell Resistance stat character is not immune to Spell Intensity/Spell Resistance check failure.

The Spell Intensity/Spell Resistance check affects only the chance for a CA to deal its full damage. If the attacker's Spell Intensity equals the defender's Spell Resistance, the chance to deal full damage would be 50%.


The Spell Resistance bonus at a given skill level x is given fairly precisely by the following formulas:

  • 400*(x+1.5)/(x+100) Pre-Mastery
  • 600*(x-32.5)/(x+66) Mastery

The Evade Critical Hits bonus at a given skill level x is given fairly precisely by the following formulas:

  • 80.0*(x+1.50)/(x+21.25) Pre-Mastery
  • 85.6*(x-32.9)/(x-19.0) Mastery

The Reduction of Detrimental Effects bonus at a given skill level x is given fairly precisely by the following formulas:

  • 99.9 - 85.6*(x-32.9)/(x-19.0) (meaning that the values of Evade Critical Hit and Detrimental Effect Reduction add up to 99.9)

The bold marked numbers are the smallest upper bounds of this progression, which will never at any skill level be exceeded.

As an example, spell resistance at x=75: 75 is the first mastery level, so we take the mastery formula and we have

600*(75-32.5)/(75+66) = 600*42.5/141 = 180.85

This value compared with the table value is a good example of the precision the formulas offer.

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