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In Sacred 2 the term "Buff" refers to a specific type of Combat Art that affects the player in a positive manner over a period of time. They are Combat Arts that can be "permanently" active and are indicated in game with the word (BUFF) beside the combat art name. In order to use Buffs they must first be equiped. Left click on a Buff from the Combat Arts window, (Push "E"), and drag it onto the first Buff slot on the interface to the bottom right of the screen. When a Buff is equipped it can be activated by left clicking on it's Buff slot icon. They remain active until switched off. Some enemies in game have the ability to disable a player's buffs such as the White Griffin's or a champion Dark Fairies lightening attack. This is typically referred to as a "De-Buff"(de=deactivate).

At the start of the game only the 1st Buff slot is available on the bottom right hand interface. Players can increase the number of Buffs they can have active at the same time by choosing the skill Concentration. When choosing Concentration for the first time a player will immediately gain the 2nd Buff slot in the bottom right interface. By putting points into Concentration a 3rd Buff slot will be granted when achieving Concentration Mastery at skill level 75.

Permanent Buffs are a convenient way to improve a character's abilities in battle but also come at a cost. Permanent Buffs have a penalty associated to them that cause all Combat Arts to regenerate more slowly making normal Combat Art timers take longer to complete. The more Permanent Buffs a character has active the greater the penalty will be. One exception however is the High Elf's Grand Invigoration Buff which does not cause a regeneration penalty. In addition to multiple Buffs increasing the penalty, increasing the level of the Buff by reading Runes will also increase the penalty. There are many ways to reduce this penalty and it is up to the player to find a balance between benefit and penalty of Buffs. Increasing Stamina, Concentration or Focus, forging item modifiers like Chance to halve Regeneration time, using items with the modifier Regeneration Penalty from Buffs and even the Blacksmith Art Enhance are but a few of the ways that can reduce the penalty caused by Permanent Buffs, either by affecting the penalty directly or by reducing overall Combat Art timers.

Buff slots interface


Permanent Buffs

Each of the character aspects contain 5 Combat Arts and within each aspect one Buff exists in most cases. Exceptions to this rule are; The High Elf's Arrant Pyromancer aspect contains 2 Buffs, the Temple Guardian's Lost Fusion aspect does not contain a Buff and the Seraphim's Revered Technology aspect contains 2 Buffs.


buffDRsp.gif Sinister Predator - Capricious Hunter

buffDRma.gif Moribund Animus - Cabalistic Voodoo

buffDRab.gif Ancient Bark - Nature Weaver

High Elf

buffHEfd.gif Fire Demon - Arrant Pyromancer

buffHEis.gif Incandescent Skin - Arrant Pyromancer

buffHEcs.gif Crystal Skin - Mystic Stormite

buffHEgi.gif Grand Invigoration - Delphic Arcania


buffINpc.gif Purifying Chastisement - Gruesome Inquisition

buffINrp.gif Reverse Polarity - Astute Supremacy

buffINsr.gif Soul Reaver - Nefarious Netherworld


buffSEbs.gif Battle Stance - Exalted Warrior

buffSEcb.gif Cleansing Brilliance - Celestial Magic

buffSEbfg.gif BeeEffGee - Revered Technology

buffSEwe.gif Warding Energy - Revered Technology

Shadow Warrior

buffSWgr.gif Grim Resilience - Death Warrior

buffSWre.gif Reflective Emanation - Malevolent Champion

buffSWna.gif Nether Allegiance - Astral Lord

Temple Guardian

buffTGts.gif T-Energy Shroud - Devout Guardian

buffTGuf.gif Untouchable Force - Source Warden

Note: Lost Fusion does not have a Buff.

Dragon Mage

buffDMf.gif Familiar - Dragon Magic

buffDMp.gif Protector - Elemental Magic

buffDMr.gif Runes of Protection - Mentalism

Temporary Buffs

Temporary Buffs are Combat Arts that increase a character's stats and remain active for a specifc amount of time. Some can be upgraded into Permanent Buffs through modifications. Because they often have long durations, most temporary buffs have a Cooldown in addition to their regeneration time.

Dragon Mage

DMdb.gif Dragon Berserk - Dragon Magic

DMdm.gif Dragon Form - Dragon Magic

DMdt.gif Combat Trance - Mentalism


DRdd.gif Dust Devil - Capricious Hunter

DRgt.gif Goldenglade Touch - Nature Weaver

DRam.gif Acute Mind - Nature Weaver

High Elf

HEcs-3.gif Cascading Shroud - Mystic Stormite


INff.gif Frenetic Fervor - Gruesome Inquisition

INzd.gif Zealous Doppelganger (Upgradeable) - Astute Supremacy

Temple Guardian

TGca.gif Combat Alert (Upgradeable) - Devout Guardian

TGcg.gif Charged Grid - Source Warden


SEda.gif Dashing Alacrity - Exalted Warrior

SEhr.gif Hallowed Restoration - Celestial Magic

SEdp.gif Divine Protection - Revered Technology

Shadow Warrior

SWrc.gif Rousing Command - Death Warrior

SWag.gif Augmenting Guidon - Malevolent Champion

SWks.gif Killing Spree - Malevolent Champion

SWsv.gif Shadow Veil (Upgradeable) - Astral Lord


RI-Mini.gif Ruinous Onslaught - Death Warrior

Ruinous Onslaught can appear like a buff at times. It is designed for use against an enemy target for which it causes the Shadow Warrior to charge into the enemy and do damage or as a quick escape from enemy damage. Since it does not allow concurrent actions Ruinous Onslaught is not strategically a buff. When active the Shadow Warrior can not perform any other action except to run in order to maintain its effect which lasts a very brief time of less than 10 seconds (although while mounted on the Hellhound it has an unlimited duration). It is a great way to temporarily increase the Shadow Warrior's run speed in order to cover more ground. However, as soon as the Shadow Warrior stops moving or bumps into something Ruinous Onslaught will abruptly end it's effects.

Removing Buffs

Some examples of things which may remove buffs in the game are:

- selected traps (Abishai summons them for example)
- chain ice lightning (some champions and White Griffin)
- CAs (Combat Arts) of the some characters such as "Archimedes Beam" with gold "Annul" modification, Expulse magic, Dryad's Black Curse with gold "Dispel" modification.

If the character has a chance to block\reflect combat arts, then successfully hitting from the chain lightning does not necessarily mean that all of buffs will be removed. For each attempt to remove buff (lightning may remove from 1 to 3 buffs, it depends on the level of CA) chance to block\reflect is calculated anew: lightning, successfully passed the test on the block\reflection, can cause damage, but don't remove any buff or only one\two of them. Buff is removed in reverse order from the third buff slot to the first.

Removing buffs by Expulse Magic can not be blocked\reflected, Expulse Magic doesn't save character from removing the buffs by enemy's EM circle. (see more about removing buffs mechanics in players contributed guides section)

Regeneration Penalty

Buffs use following modifier to descrease their penalty:

Stamina Modifier
25 1
75 0.75
125 0.5
225 0.33
325 0.25
425 0.2
725 0.125
925 0.1

For example, you have a total penalty from buffs of 100%, and a regeneration time of the CA is 3 seconds:

The final regeneration time for the CA = 3 * ( 1 + 1 ) = 6 seconds;

And now let's increase stamina to set modifier in 2 times lower than before: there were 125 points in stamina (modifier 0.5) - will be 325 points (modifier 0.25). Will be the final total regeneration time in 2 times less?

The regeneration time for the CA = 3 * 0,5 * ( 1 + 1 * 0,5 ) = 1,5 * 1,5 = 2,25
6 / 2.25= 2.67
This is almost three times less, not two!

This suggests that the more buffs character uses (and a greater penalty from buffs they give), the more value of each point in stamina.

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