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Introduction: The Mentalist

Aspects_Layer3.gif This aspect most resembles the classical arts of a mage. His powerful area spells burn or bewilder the enemy.
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Mentalism Combat Arts

Mind Strike

mind_strike.gif A mental blow that deals more damage to armored targets and slows the regeneration for their combat arts.

Energy Blaze

energy_blaze.gif Magic energy damages and burns enemies in the area of effect. (Starting Combat Art)


maelstrom.gif Enemies are slowed and weakened in the area of effect, missiles are slowed (casts a massive dome over the targeted area).

Combat Trance

combat_trance.gif Combat Trance reduces the caster's combat art cooldown and protects him from effect damage and stuns.

Runes of Protection (Buff)

runes_of_protection.gif buffDMr.gif This Combat Art is a (Buff)

A magic armour that offers protection from melee attacks and spells (+physical armour, Block Chance: Combat Arts & chance to stun the target).

Mentalism Runes

Mind Strike rune.pngEnergy Blaze rune.pngMaelstrom rune.pngCombat Trance rune.pngRunes of Protection rune.png

When Forged into items, the runes of the Mentalism aspect will boost the levels of the applicable Combat Arts (for the Dragon Mage only) and will also provide a secondary effect of Block Chance: Projectiles for all characters.

Difficulty Level Bonus to Combat Art Level Block Chance: Projectiles
Bronze +1 +4.0%
Silver +1 +5.3%
(Item Lvl 20)
+2 +6.0%
(Item Lvl 35)
+4 +7.3%
(Item Lvl 50)
+6 +8.6%

Mentalism Skills

mentalismlore.gif Mentalism Lore
Increases damage, critical chance, and cast speed for Mentalism.
mentalismfocus.gif Mentalism Focus
Improves regeneration and raises max Combat Art level for Mentalism.

Mentalism Draconicon

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Bonuses and Penalties

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Like all special mounts, this Draconicon gives a large bonus to the rider's hitpoints and defense at the cost of increasing the regeneration penalty of combat arts.

However, this aspect mount gives a special bonus which offsets the regeneration penalty to Mentalism. Therefore, a Mentalist Dragon Mage will desire this Draconicon. Combined with the Riding skill, the Mentalism aspect will eventually have lower regeneration times when the Dragon Mage is mounted than when on foot.

Mentalism Set: Torik's Oath

Torik's Oath is a set specially focused on the Mentalism aspect, giving bonuses to all five combat art levels and their regeneration times. This set is caster-oriented, with low armor but many bonuses to help protect the Mentalist and give his spells extra power.


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