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Introduction: The Arrant Pyromancer

Aspects_Layer14.gif Choosing this aspect will render the Adept as the classic mage, fully devoted to the element of fire. The very nature of these studies is a burning aggression, leading to a predominantly offensive style. Executing the art of fire magic allows for a wide flexibility in which the spells can easily be individually adapted.

Arrant Pyromancer Combat Arts

Ancestral Fireball

01.gif The classic spell is favored by novices and masters alike. However, variations allow the fireball to be customized and wielded as a succession of blazing rapid fire spheres, or it could become a large, explosive fire-and-forget projectile.

Blazing Tempest

02.gif A tempestual wave of fire is set forth in the desired direction.

Incendiary Shower

03.gif A devastating shower of meteors will rain down on the enemies in the target area and smash them to the ground. It will be possible to enhance this spell to include a huge meteor that will inflict heavy damage upon impact.

Fire Demon (Buff)

04.gif Conjures a fire demon which enhances the effectiveness of the High Elf's Arrant Pyromancer combat arts. The demon is also able to cast Incandescent Skin and attack opponents with fireballs.

Incandescent Skin (Buff)

05.gif The High Elf focuses on the ultimate control over all fire. She will become practically immune to burns and she will even be able to ignite incoming arrows while they are still in flight. Incandescent Skin cannot be used in conjunction with Crystal Skin.

Arrant Pyromancer Runes


When Forged into items, the runes of the Arrant Pyromancer aspect will boost the levels of the applicable Combat Arts (for the High Elf only) and will also provide a secondary effect of Chance for Burn for all characters.

Difficulty Level Bonus to Combat Art Level Chance for Burn
Bronze +1 +2.0%
Silver +1 +3.0%
(Item Lvl 20)
+2 +4.3%
(Item Lvl 35)
+4 +5.5%
(Item Lvl 50)
+6 +7.0%

Arrant Pyromancer Skills

arrantpyromancerfocus.gif Arrant Pyromancer Focus
Improves regeneration, raises max Combat Art level, and unlocks modification points for Arrant Pyromancer.
arrantpyromancerlore.gif Arrant Pyromancer Lore
Increases damage, critical chance, and cast speed, and unlocks modification points for Arrant Pyromancer.

Arrant Pyromancer Wind Serpent

The Wind Serpent for the Arrant Pyromancer is fiery red, and has bright glowing orange eyes. The Ice and Blood version of this special mount is called the Fay Drake, and has unique armor.

-. -.

Bonuses and Penalties

Like all special mounts, this Drake gives a large bonus to the rider's hitpoints and defense at the cost of increasing the regeneration penalty of combat arts.

However, this aspect mount gives a special bonus which offsets the regeneration penalty to Arrant Pyromancer. Therefore, the Arrant Pyromancer High Elf will desire this Wind Serpent. Combined with the Riding skill, the Arrant Pyromancer aspect will actually have lower regeneration times when the High Elf is mounted on this Drake.

Arrant Pyromancer Sets

  • Celdrahil's Pandemonium is a set specially focused on the Arrant Pyromancer aspect, giving bonuses to all five combat art levels and their regeneration times. This set boosts the High Elf's spellcasting powers and offers her protection against both magic and melee attacks.

Celdrahil's Pandemonium celdrahil.gif Nine hells v110.jpg Armaments of the Nine Hells

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