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Regeneration Time (Regen Time) is a basic, very important element of combat in Sacred 2. Unlike games in which the player casts spells and abilities using an energy reserve (such as mana), Sacred 2 uses a system in which Combat Arts go on a timer after they are used. Only after the timer resets is the combat art available for use again. The speed at which a combat art's timer resets is known as the Regeneration Time.

Balancing the power of combat arts with their regeneration time is a major part of gameplay experience in Sacred 2. Ideally the player will want to keep regeneration of combat arts as low as possible, so that they may be used often. However, multiple factors will increase regen time, making the player wait longer before they can use their combat arts again. Regeneration time is increased by reading runes, casting buffs, wearing armor equipment, and riding special mounts. Players can counter this and decrease their regeneration time by investing in various skills, attributes, item modifiers, and by drinking a concentration potion.


  • Regeneration time should not be confused with Cooldown time, which is a property that some Combat Arts have. Cooldown is added to regen time to determine the total duration of the regen timer, but it is usually fixed and is not affected by any of the same factors as regen time.
  • Regeneration time is sometimes referred to as "Energy Cost." Lowering a combat art's energy cost means lowering its regeneration time. Likewise, any combat arts that "steal energy" cause the player's combat arts to regenerate faster.


The primary way that regen time is increased is by reading Runes. Runes are how the player permanently increases the level and power of their combat arts, with the trade-off being that the regen time for the combat art increases. If the player reads more Runes than is allowed by their level, they will get only partial benefits while still getting the full regeneration penalty. Learning the appropriate Aspect Focus skill will allow the player to read more runes without a penalty. Another excellent way to avoid regen penalties from runes is to Forge the runes into equipment rather than read them. This will give the player the full benefits of the rune with only half the penalty.


Buffs are a type of Combat Art that the player casts on him/herself and then is permanently left "on" until the player turns on it off. Permanent Buffs have a penalty associated with them that cause all Combat Arts to regenerate more slowly when the Buff is active. This penalty can be countered with the modifier Regeneration Penalty from Buffs -X%.


All Armor Equipment also gives a Regeneration Penalty. This penalty is displayed on each item in white text. Heavier armor has higher penalties, while lighter armor for casters may actually have negative numbers, in which case it is actually not a penalty at all, but a regeneration bonus. These regeneration penalties can be reduced by learning the Armor Lore skill.

Special Mounts

Each class can ride a variety of special Mounts that offer many bonuses, with the trade-off of increasing regeneration times for all combat arts. To balance that out, each class has three aspect mounts that offer a regen reduction bonus to one chosen aspect. As an example, if a Seraphim chose the Celestial Magic Saber-tooth Tiger mount, she would have all of the timers on all of her combat arts hit with a penalty with the exception of the one aspect for which the mount offers a counter-bonus.

The Riding skill will reduce the regen penalty of special mounts. For a character specializing in only one aspect, using the appropriate aspect mount along with Riding can reduce the penalty so that it is almost negligible, and when the Riding skill level is high enough, that aspect's combat arts will actually have lower regeneration times when the character is mounted.


Combos are a way to circumvent the limitations of regeneration time. When multiple combat arts are placed into a combo, they can be cast back-to-back in quick succession before the regeneration timer starts. The skill Combat Discipline will give a reduction to the regeneration time of combat art in a combo.

Expert Touch

In Fallen Angel, when a combat art is cast and the timer begins, the timer applies to all combat arts in that same Aspect. For example, when the Seraphim's Soul Hammer with a 2-second regen time is cast, all other combat arts in the Exalted Warrior aspect will go on a 2-second timer before they can be used. Combat arts in other aspects can still be used immediately, as they are not affected.

Expert Touch is an alternate regeneration system introduced in Ice and Blood. If activated, combat arts regenerate faster but draw their energy from all aspects. This means that all combat arts from all aspects go on a timer when any one combat art is cast, but all timers will be shorter. This mode is especially useful for characters who focus on a single aspect. Characters creating Combos using combat arts from all aspects may also find this mode useful. Expert Touch can be selected when creating a New Character. It is enabled by default, but can be turned off for players who prefer the classic regen system. It cannot be changed once the character is created.

Skills and Attributes

Stamina is the Attribute that directly lowers regeneration time.

Aside from the skills mentioned above, the major skill that directly lowers regeneration time is Concentration.

Availability of Regeneration Time -X% as an Item Modifier

This modifier reduces the regeneration time for all Combat Arts.

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