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This item modifier may be found upon found or bought jewelry, weapons or armor. When in use, every hit reduces the regeneration time of any Combat Arts that are still in process of regeneration. Non-weapon-based combat arts cannot trigger this effect, but will have their regeneration time reduced, only weapon-based attacks (both "normal" hits and weapon-based combat arts) can trigger this effect. Hybrid Combat Arts can also trigger it.

It can stack, when forged into armor, weapons or wielded, with no diminishing returns. It was not working properly prior to Ice & Blood. In the expansion, the item modifier was repaired, and is one of the most powerful modifiers in game, allowing almost-instantaneous regeneration of a Combat Art, even if a player has eaten a significant number of runes. A player playing a Dryad in Ice & Blood can have a Dryad read many of Darting Assault runes, for example, and have, at low levels, a very high level of this Combat Art regenerate in one hit.

This effect does not reduce "cooldown" time in any way. Only "regen" time may be reduced. For example, if the combat art Dashing Alacrity has a regen time of 2 seconds + a cooldown time of 30 seconds, only the 2 second regen time may be eliminated via Regeneration Per Hit.

Regen per Hit is animated by a glowing blue thread of energy streaming from the opponent to the player. The visual effect is suggestive of the player "stealing energy" from the enemy (although the enemy's regeneration is not affected).

Availability of Regeneration per hit +X as Item Modifier

This modifier is available on the following unique weapons as a blue modifier:

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