Sacred 2:Hybrid Damage Based Combat Arts

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The following three Combat Arts:

HEmc.gif Magic Coup

SEaw.gif Archangel's Wrath

SWsh.gif Spectral Hand

combine a mix of game mechanics that distinguish them from Spell Damage Based Combat Arts and Weapon Damage Based Combat Arts.

Corresponding Skills

  • Their attack speed is NOT boosted by weapon lores (for example, Sword Weapons when wielding a sword), however the appropriate weapon lore WILL boost the attack rating, as will Speed Lore. Such skills are helpful but not neccessary, as these combat arts have an innate, scaling bonus to attack value.

Corresponding Attributes

The specific attribute which boosts the particular choice of weapon being used is applied as well:

Applying the Item Modifiers

  • Double hits and attack speed from weapon lore are not used (only the attack value bonus is). Since these Combat Arts do not use attack speed from weapon lores they have no negative penalties if a player uses too high a level weapon.
  • Higher weapon damage results in better damage, i.e. Archangel's Wrath would inflict more damage if cast while having a polearm equipped than if cast while holding a dagger.
  • While dual-wielding, only a weapon in right hand counts for the Combat Art damage (even though the values in the inventory window stated otherwise in the earlier versions of the game).

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