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Introduction: The Revered Technologist

Aspects_Layer3.gif This aspect enables the Seraphim to use technological advancements to aid her in battle. She is able to gain several powerful abilities for use during combat.

Revered Technology Combat Arts

Archangel’s Wrath

Gods_Char_Diff_CAs_33.gif When using this combat art, the weapon damage will be converted into bolts of fire erupting from the weapon.

Flaring Nova

Gods_Char_Diff_CAs_35.gif A devastating nova that damages all enemies around the Seraphim within range.

Divine Protection

Gods_Char_Diff_CAs_37.gif Activates a protective energy shield for a brief period. Incoming damage will be reduced and fully absorbed until energy is depleted or the shield's duration has come to an end. After use the energy used needs to be recharged for a considerable period of time.

Warding Energy (Buff)

Gods_Char_Diff_CAs_42.gif An energy field which partly absorbs incoming damage for as long as energy is available to maintain the field.

BeeEffGee (Buff)

Gods_Char_Diff_CAs_44.gif Conjures a powerful, divine weapon and improves ranged weapon use. Requires at least one empty weapon slot.

Revered Technology Runes


When Forged into items, the runes of the Revered Technology aspect will boost the levels of the applicable Combat Arts (for the Seraphim only) and will also provide a secondary effect of Shield Regeneration for all characters. This secondary bonus will of course only be useful to characters with Energy Shields, and the Temple Guardian is the only other such character.

Difficulty Level Bonus to Combat Art Level Shield Regeneration
Bronze +1 +10.0%
Silver +1 +12.5%
(Item Lvl 20)
+2 +17.0%
(Item Lvl 35)
+4 +21.7%
(Item Lvl 50)
+6 +27.5%

Revered Technology Skills

reveredtechnologyfocus.gif Revered Technology Focus
Improves regeneration, raises max Combat Art level, and unlocks modification points for Revered Technology.
lostfusionlore.gif Revered Technology Lore
Increases damage, critical chance, and cast speed, and unlocks modification points for Revered Technology.

Revered Technology Saber-Toothed Tiger

The Saber-Toothed Tiger for the Revered Technologist is green with futuristic stripes. The Ice and Blood version of this special mount has a unique saddle.

-. -.

Bonuses and Penalties

Like all special mounts, this Tiger gives a large bonus to the rider's hitpoints and defense at the cost of increasing the regeneration penalty of combat arts.

However, this aspect mount gives a special bonus which offsets the regeneration penalty to Revered Technology. Therefore, the Revered Technologist will desire this Tiger. Combined with the Riding skill, the Revered Technology aspect will actually have lower regeneration times when the Seraphim is mounted on this Tiger.

Revered Technology Set: Endijian's Artifacts

Endijian's Artifacts is a set specially focused on the Revered Technology aspect, giving bonuses to all five combat art levels and their regeneration times. This set is heavily defensive with bonuses to enhance her technological powers.


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