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The Winged Warrior - Sublime, Wise and Ancient

Seraphim portait.png The heavenly warrior, a favorite of Sacred, makes her glorious return. She has mastered hand-to-hand and armed combat, and has heavenly magic in her arsenal as well. The Seraphim embodies the good in the world.

The female Seraphim warriors look like angels wearing winged armor and carrying specific weapons. These heavenly beings usually have very fair skin. The Seraphim impresses the beholder with her elegance and her immaculate appearance. Austere eyes without pupils, which express her strength of character and decisiveness, can penetrate the darkness. Her golden hair falls onto her shoulders and frames her fine features. Appearances can be deceiving though. The Seraphim are dangerous opponents, skilled in the use of weapons as well as in that of technology and magic. The Seraphim is able to wear medium and technical armor while maintaining her speed and elegance. What would an angel be without wings? The most striking feature of the Seraphim is her wings, which can serve as both deadly weapons and protective armor.

The Story

Seraphim Class Quest Introduction (Light Path): "I am one of the Seraphim, the ethereal beings who have been watching over the fate of the word since the beginning of time. United as sisters under the watchful eye of Sophia we were committed to our duty and proud do server. Yet the creator has left this world. Thus we are patiently waiting for the day when he will finally return, the day when our duty will be fulfilled."

The Seraphim is a fast, elegant and acrobatic warrior from a mystical, technological background. She fights with light to medium weapons and, if required, with massive technological support. The Seraphim were once chosen by the Gods to protect Ancaria from danger and disaster. Having followed their calling for eons, the Seraphim began to wander from their role of protecting the world from chaos. Their own needs moved more and more to the forefront. Today, only a few remember their vocation and continue to battle for peace and justice. The player has the opportunity to lead one of these champions through the mysterious world of Ancaria.

The Path

These mystical and angelic creatures are the oldest inhabitants of Ancaria. They are the protectors of Ancaria and warriors of light. With their affinity for T-Energy and an unbroken will to protect Ancaria, they are not only an icon of righteousness, but also the shining light of salvation and goodness. Therefore the Seraphim may only walk the Path of Light.

Seraphim Starting Attributes

Base starting attributes level 1, silver difficulty, no survival bonus, naked.

Strength Stamina Vitality Dexterity Intelligence Willpower Hitpoints
22 25 25 26 25 26 143

Seraphim Skills

All skills in the left column below may be chosen as soon as a character reaches level two. All skills in the right column below may be chosen only after a Primary skill from the left column has reached level 5.

Combat Art Skills:

concentration.gif Concentration
Improves regeneration for all Combat Arts, and allows the use of up to three simultaneous buffs when mastered.
exaltedwarriorfocus.gif Exalted Warrior Focus
Improves regeneration and raises max Combat Art level for this aspect.
celestialmagiclore.gif Celestial Magic Lore
Increases damage, critical chance, and cast speed for this aspect.
lostfusionlore.gif Revered Technology Lore
Increases damage, critical chance, and cast speed for this aspect.
combatdiscipline.gif Combat Discipline
Increases damage and improves regeneration for Combos. Also increases the number of Combat Arts allowed in a combo.
celestialmagicfocus.gif Celestial Magic Focus
Improves regeneration and raises max Combat Art level for this aspect.
reveredtechnologyfocus.gif Revered Technology Focus
Improves regeneration and raises max Combat Art level for this aspect.

Ice and Blood adds one more skill to this list:

ancientmagic.gif Ancient Magic
Increases damage for non-weapon based Combat Arts and reduces the opponent's spell resistance when mastered.

Offensive Skills:

rangedweapons.gif Ranged Weapons
Increases attack speed, chance to hit, and max item level usable without penalties when wielding a ranged weapon.
swordweapons.gif Sword Weapons
Increases attack speed, chance to hit, and max item level usable without penalties when wielding a sword.
polearms.gif Pole Arms
Increases attack speed, chance to hit, and max item level usable without penalties when wielding a pole arm.
tacticslore.gif Tactics Lore
Increases damage and chance for critical hits with all weapons.
dualwield.gif Dual wield
Grants the ability to wield two one-handed (non-ranged) weapons. Increases attack speed and chance to hit for both weapons.
speedlore.gif Speed Lore
Increases attack and defense, and run speed.
damagelore.gif Damage Lore
Provides a better chance for applying "status effects" (e.g., burning with fire damage) on monsters.

Ice and Blood adds one more skill to this list:

magicstaffs.gif Magic Staffs
Increases attack speed, chance to hit, and max item level usable without penalties when wielding a staff.

Defensive Skills:

shieldlore.gif Shield Lore
Grants the ability to use higher-level shields without penalties and increases their Defense Value.
armorlore.gif Armor Lore
Improves resists, increases maximum item level without penalties, and decreases regeneration penalty from armors.
wardingenergy.gif Warding Energy Lore
Increases shield energy and damage absorption for Combat Arts that use/create a shield (e.g., Temple Guardian's T-Energy Shroud).
combatreflexes.gif Combat Reflexes
Improves Evasion statistic (chance to dodge attacks), and reduces the chance of receiving a critical hit from an attack.
constitution.gif Constitution
Increases health and health regeneration.
spellresistance.gif Spell Resistance
Increases resistance to spells and protection from spell-based critical hits.
toughness.gif Toughness
Improves resists and provides minimal % damage mitigation.
pacifism.gif Pacifism
Reduces damage taken in PvP (all possible ramifications still unknown).

General skills:

riding.gif Riding
Grants the ability to ride better horses, reduces regeneration penalty while mounted, and unlocks special abilities.
enhancedperception.gif Enhanced Perception
Increases chance of "seeing" invisible monsters and "magical hiding places."
divinedevotion.gif Divine Devotion
Improves regeneration of the Divine Gift (God spell) and unlocks some additional attributes.
alchemy.gif Alchemy
Enhances the effectiveness of all potions and allows use of certain consumables.
bargaining.gif Bargaining
Item price is displayed in inventory, and merchants will offer more favorable prices and better items.

Community Patch v160 adds one more skill to this list:

blacksmith.gif Blacksmith
Allows the player to socket items and exclusive enhancements without having to use a Blacksmith.

Seraphim Aspects

  • Exalted Warrior - The Seraphim is a graceful expert of close combat. She is not as physically strong as the Shadow Warrior, but she compensates for this with nimble weapon techniques. The Seraphim is able to perform many smooth, tactical moves in order to keep her enemies at bay.
  • Celestial Magic - Due to her mystic background she has the gift of holy magic that can turn her into a magic fighter. Becoming learned in this aspect teaches the Seraphim the weaving of illumination and prayer. She fights using divine light and fire, just as an archangel might.
  • Revered Technology - This aspect enables the Seraphim to use technological advancements to aid her in battle. She is able to gain several powerful abilities for use during combat.

Seraphim Combat Arts


Exalted Warrior

Soul Hammer


Pelting Strikes


Dashing Alacrity


Assailing Somersault


Battle Stance (Buff)



Celestial Magic

Baneful Smite


Radiant Pillar


Instill Belief


Hallowed Restoration


Cleansing Brilliance (Buff)



Revered Technology

Archangel’s Wrath


Flaring Nova


Divine Protection


Warding Energy (Buff)


BeeEffGee (Buff)


Seraphim Equipment

Seraphim Standard Armor Suits

Seraphim Unique Items

Seraphim Set Items

Community Patch Sets

Seraphim Unique Mount

Saber-toothed Tiger

The Seraphim may look like angels, but their mounts have nothing angelic about them. Their large fangs not only look dangerous, but are indeed deadly weapons.


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