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Technical Data

Class: Seraphim

Set name: Impressions of Sophia

Set Item Names:

Available Sockets:

  • Silver.png 7 Silver
  • Gold.png 9 Gold


Armor Resistances:

Bonus to Combat Arts

Bonus to Skills

Bonus to Attributes

Item Modifiers

  • Max. shield energy +X% (Helmet)
    • Requires the Warding Energy Lore skill to unlock this modifier

About the Set

  • The Seraphim's Sophia Armor is a reworked version of the armor worn by the Seraphim NPC Sophia. The set is called "Impressions of Sophia," since the armor is like a copy of her armor that carries an imprint of her traits.
  • There are no gloves in this set.
  • This armor set is heavily geared towards a Seraphim specializing in the Revered Technology aspect. Casters are somewhat more favored than melee fighters with this set, but since Revered Tech is a support aspect, pieces of this set can complement almost any build.
  • There are some other interesting features to this set. All armor pieces have extra elemental resistances added to give a boost to protection. The helmet and belt have modifiers unlocked and boosted by the Warding Energy Lore skill. Also, the bracers have physical damage added to them.

The Set Bonuses

These bonuses are dependent on character level and game difficulty. As the character levels up the Set Bonus will increase on a per level basis. In some cases there will be no change in stats from one level to another. This is because some stats increase at a fraction per level up. The server difficulty being played on will also have an effect on the Set Bonuses. For example a character's Set Bonuses will be higher in Niobium difficulty than any other difficulty.

# of Items Bronze Silver Gold Platinum Niobium (lvl 200)
Max. Hitpoints 2 + 2,800
All Skills 4 + 16
Regeneration Penalty from Buffs 6 - 27.2%
Combat art range 8 + 22.0%

Impressions of sophia set bonus.jpg

Recommended pieces

  • ...

Set Item Drop Levels

  • Pieces begin dropping at level 15 and drop every 15 levels afterward.

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