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Run speed is both a player characteristic and an Item Modifier.

  • As a player characteristic, it determines how quickly a player can run while on a horse or unmounted. A players run speed will be affected by speed penalties if/when wearing armor/gear that is too high a level. Choosing the Armour Lore skill can help balance this by reducing the penalty.
  • As an Item Modifier, it can be found on bought weapons, jewelry and armor. Run speed as Item modifier increases the un-mounted while on foot run speed of the player's character by "+X%" up to the run speed cap of 150%. It will stack with all other sources of this modifier. It will not affect the speed of characters mounted upon unique mounts.

Availability of Run Speed X% as Item Modifier

This modifier is available on the following uniques as a blue modifier (that requires no skill):

This modifier is available on the following unique jewelry as a yellow modifier (that requires no skill):

It is available on the following set as the full set item bonus:

This Item Modifier is also available on regular items that can be purchased at vendors as yellow modifier (that requires no skill). Purchased regular items which can have Run Speed upon them include armor, weapons and jewelry.

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