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For aeons, the Creator has been designing worlds. He populated each of these worlds with an intelligent race to ensure He would have a steady supply of worshippers. Since the beginning of time, the Seraphim and their leaders - the Archangels - have been by the Creator's side to assist him. Thus the cycle remained in harmony, until the Archangels took it upon themselves to forge their own world. They siphoned the ethereal creative energy without The Creator's knowledge and used it to forge their own world, placing several intelligent races upon it. Each of these races was given the freedom to pursue its own goals. The Archangels named this world Ancaria.

It was not before long that The Creator became aware of the Seraphims' creative actions. However, rather than destroy Ancaria, he chose to banish the Seraphim to this world and ordered them to protect and guard their creation. He would only set foot on Ancaria if and when the Seraphim were able to unite all races peaceably.

However, the Seraphim failed at this task. In order to benefit their favored race, the Elves, the Seraphim gave to them their knowledge of T-Energy. But instead of bringing prosperity, a devastating civil war ensued over control of the T-Energy. The Elven empire was broken and scattered, and the Seraphim suffered tremendously, losing many of their kind during the bloodshed.


The female Seraphim warriors look like angels wearing winged armor and carrying specific weapons. These heavenly beings usually have very fair skin. The Seraphim impresses the beholder with her elegance and her immaculate appearance. Austere eyes without pupils, which express her strength of character and decisiveness, can penetrate the darkness. Her golden hair falls onto her shoulders and frames her fine features. Appearances can be deceiving though. The Seraphim are dangerous opponents, skilled in the use of weapons as well as in that of technology and magic. The most striking feature of the Seraphim is her wings, which can serve as both deadly weapons and protective armor.

Playable Character: The Seraphim

The Seraphim were once chosen by the Gods to protect Ancaria from danger and disaster. Having followed their calling for eons, the Seraphim began to wander from their role of protecting the world from chaos. Their own needs moved more and more to the forefront. Today, only a few remember their vocation and continue to battle for peace and justice.

The player has the opportunity to lead one of the virtuous and diligent Seraphim through the mysterious world of Ancaria. The Seraphim is a fast, elegant and acrobatic warrior from a mystical, technological background. She fights with light to medium weapons and, if required, with massive technological support.

Black Seraphim

Evil Seraphim are rare, yet against all reason, they exist. The Black Seraphim will become a nemesis of the player and of Sophia during the Seraphim Class Chain Quest.

Regions of the Seraphim

Seraphim Island

Seraphim Island is a harsh and remote land in the Dragon Sea Islands Region. It is nothing but barren rock, lava flows and volcanoes. Out of this inhospitable place, arguably some of the most beautiful architecture is found. It is here at Seraphim Tower that Sophia, the revered leader of the Seraphim, resides.

A guard of Seraphim Tower, at the heart of the island. The guards fight off the Stone Creatures and Ice Elementals that venture near the tower.

Crystal Plane

After the Creator banished the Seraphim to this world, they managed to keep the warlike races of the world in check for a long time, and had hoped that he would welcome them back with open arms. Over the years, though, the Seraphim began to become negligent and somewhat bored. Thus, they weren't sufficiently prepared when the Great Dragon War broke out and were almost wiped off the face of the world.

The savage Dragon War taught the Seraphim a lesson. To prevent another such failure, Sophia has created a new hunting ground as a challenge every young Seraphim has to face at intervals. The Crystal Plane. Sophia can sometimes be found on the Crystal Plane overseeing the hunts.

Once upon a time, the Crystal Plane was a largely uninhabited territory where only wild animals and a very few retreats for elementals existed. After Sophia was finished using the T-Energy to rework the territory nothing was as it had once been anymore. No greenery, no flowers, no lake - only ice and crystals. And this is how the Crystal Plane is today: An inhospitable and barren region where no natural life exists. Frosted trees, frozen rivers, ice crystals and biting cold do not encourage anyone to linger.

But that isn't the worst of it. A hunting ground needs prey, and the kind of prey Sophia banished to the Crystal Plane differs a lot from the usual game. Where once lived wolves and boars, trolls, elementals, and even High Elves, the T-Energy turned them into soulless and powerful crystalline creatures that are formidable enemies even for Seraphim.

To aid the huntresses in this hostile region, the Seraphim have prepared the Guidebook of the Huntress.

Seraphim Heraldry

These are the various banners and standards of the Seraphim found on Seraphim Island and the Crystal Plane:

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