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There are over a dozen intelligent, humanoid races inhabiting various regions of Ancaria, each with their own unique homeland, culture, and behavior. While many members of any given race may be friendly and helpful, just as many may be hostile enemies to the player.

Playable Races

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These are the races from which the player can choose a character to play Sacred 2. The player can choose between 3 different Elves, a Human, a Dryad, and a Seraphim (as well as an unnatural cyborg known as the Temple Guardian). These races have special importance to the player since their character will "belong" to one of these races and their homeland.


  • Elves are the dominant race in Ancaria, and the most populous and widespread. They are split into many different regions and cultures. There is no place that is untouched by their far-reaching exploration or their ancient history. The Elven societies represent the height of civilization and progress in Ancaria, though they are not without their dark side.


  • The Dryads are descendants of renegade Elves who withdrew to the western islands in ancient times. Dryads live as one with nature and are masters of nature magic. They’re also well-skilled with ranged weapons such as bows or blowguns. The most powerful of the Dryad hunters are even knowledgeable of the dark arts of Voodoo.


  • Humans are former slaves of the Elves. They were entrusted to the Elves so that they might become civilized, just as the Seraphim used to civilize the Elves. Currently, they do not have any power in Ancaria. They are obedient laborers, assisting the Elves in building their palaces, erecting sacred buildings for the High Priests and cultivating the fields.


  • Since the beginning of time, the Seraphim and their leaders - the Archangels - have been by the Creator's side to assist him. All creation was in harmony, until the Archangels took it upon themselves to forge their own world. They siphoned the ethereal creative energy without The Creator's knowledge and used it to forge Ancaria and all the intelligent races upon it. For this, the Creator banished the Seraphim to Ancaria and ordered them to protect and guard their creation. The Creator then left, never to return until the Seraphim were able to unite all the races peaceably.

Non-Playable Races

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These races are less human-like and more monstrous, although not all of them will be enemies. Most of these races have their own rich cultures and ways of life, and will provide the player with various services and quests if they are friendly.


  • The Goblionid family, which includes Ogres and Orcs, has a wild and very old culture. They live in family and clan structures, and they think very highly of themselves. The art of taunting and threatening is one they acquire very quickly during childhood, and improve on for the rest of their lives.


  • Kobolds are mean little pests infesting the western regions of Ancaria. Treacherous, cunning and unscrupulous, they will always defend the territory they currently consider their own. Social among themselves, hostile towards almost anybody larger than themselves, allied with Trolls.


  • The marshland is the home of the Lizardmen, who are mutations of humans that became isolated from the rest of the world long ago. They are a very primitive people, living communally in the few structures that can be built on the soft marshy ground.


  • Big, strong, deadly… these are the most important features of an Ogre. Ogres, as well as Goblins and Orcs, belong to the Goblinoid family. They are the biggest and usually strongest of their kind, but rather than following the cliché of the “stupid Ogre” they are neither dumb nor clumsy.


  • Orcs have always been a warrior nation, but they are also very social creatures. They live in groups, clans and village communities. There, away from the battlefields, everything is clearly structured. Women enjoy the warriors' protection and in return educate the children, provide and prepare food and take care of each day's errands.


  • Trolls are uncouth, intellectually challenged creatures with very low skills in language and expression. These giants even outreach Ogres in size. They like clear structures and rules, which is why they prefer a strict hierarchy in their community. Still they are very social beasts when interacting with their own, and stay together whenever it is necessary.