Sacred 2:Book 5 - T-Energy

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From the Books of Magic
Book 5


"What is it?"
"What does it do?"
"It glows blue."

Two constant streams of energy flow through Ancaria. They may seem similar, but they actually could not be more different: these two forms of energy - T-Energy and the Essence, are like fire and water. T-Energy is an inherently destructive power. Like a wildfire, once it is out of control it devastates anything in its path. The Essence, on the other hand, is a silent, surging force that requires a catalyst to unleash its full potential.

T-Energy is much more difficult to control than the Essence. Whereas masters of the magical arts need only to concentrate on channeling the Essence, T-Energy must be subdued before it can be used. For a long time it was believed that it was impossible to combine T-Energy and the Essence in a single spell. Various theories were put forward to explain what might occur if T-Energy and active Essence met. The theories ranged from apocalyptic visions of exploding continents to shifts in the fabric of reality and holes in time - the scholar's imagination knows no bounds, or so it would seem... What everyone agreed on was that combining T-Energy with Essence was a fatal undertaking! It was only after the emergence of the first spells, which successfully synthesized T-Energy and Essence, that such absurd theories lost ground. And thus began an era of intensive research into the potential benefits of combining these two energy streams.

In the years that followed, however, it became evident that as pessimistic as these theories may have been, they did possess a modicum of truth. At the Imperial academies T-Energy research resulted in a wave of fatalities, the likes of which Ancaria had never seen before. Unforeseeable accidents rocked the academies as experiments got out of control. Unexpected results wreaked chaos and devastation. The Academy in Lanithiain had to be reconstructed four times. No fewer than eight esteemed seers of the magical arts were either killed on the spot or transformed into hideous creatures with the intelligence of steamed broccoli following their exposure to raw T-Energy. It was eventually decided to restrict access to T-Energy research and continue it on a smaller scale in more secure facilities.

Under Qrenuir IV, T-Energy research was banned from all of the major urban academies and shifted to remote regions in order to minimize the dangers to people and property. Research centers were set up throughout Ancaria, most of them in largely unpopulated areas. This development led to a series of spontaneous revolts among the rural population. Some peasants even went so far as to chain themselves to the gates of the research centers in a desperate attempt to hinder the transport of T-Energy materials. Such rebellions were swiftly quelled In the year 42 the now renowned researcher and mage Lanopyth made a major breakthrough in tlx* study of T-Energy. He discovered a method of transforming and safely channeling a small amount of T-Energy. The energy was barely sufficient to reanimate a dead frog for even a short while, but his discovery marked a major turning point. In the years that followed, Lanopyth refined his technique and was eventually able to boost most magical rituals with T-Energy. This was an epoch-making development! Prior to this, T-Energy had been viewed with some suspicion, now its popularity surged to new heights throughout the magic community. New research programs were launched in academies across the Empire and new applications for T-Energy emerged by the day. The scribes and copyists of the realm were buried under an avalanche of manuscripts and bulletins.

After 200 years of scientific inquiry, T-Energy was well on its way to conquer the magic world and emerged as a serious alternative to the powers of the Essence.

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