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The land of Ancaria has many writers, poets, and artists. Their work can be seen within the pages of Books that conquered enemies will leave behind as lucky spoils for fortunate victors. The books will not, as yet, enhance or give a character any known game-playing benefits. The knowledge in these books range from recipes on how to construct a perfect llama goulash, as to why smelling proper while hunting is important. Delightful glimpses into the history of Ancaria and advice offered on skilled spell-casting, the story of T-Energy, and how to set a proper table for Orcs are all a part of this world's literary heritage. Read on and discover!

Books of Magic

Book 1 - General Conspectus of Magic

Book 2 - Fire Magic

Book 3 - Ice Magic

Book 4 - Poison

Book 5 - T-Energy

Book 6 - Forbidden Magic

Books of Religion

Book 1 - Kybele, Goddess of Nature

Book 2 - Testa, God of Science

Book 3 - Forens, Goddess of Philosophy

Book 4 - Lumen, God of Light

Book 5 - Kuan, God of War

Book 6 - Ker, Goddess of Evil

Lore of Weaponry

Book 1 - Preface

Book 2 - Swords

Book 3 - Two-handed Swords

Book 4 - Dual Wield

Book 5 - Archery

Book 6 - T-Energy

The Lore of Monsters

Volume 2 - How to Deal with Undead? A Guideline

Volume 3 - How to Behave Around Dragons

Volume 4 - Trolls

Interesting Facts about Ancaria

Dwarves - do they really exist?

The Winning Gambler

How to Beguile Aristocrats: Princesses

How to Beguile Aristocrats: Princes

Orcish for Beginners

Book 7 - Hunting

Book 8 - Fishing

Book 9 - The Art of Trapping

The Art of Cooking

Book 1 - Orcish Cooking

Book 2 - Dryad Cooking

Book 3 - Drinking in Ancaria

Book 4 - Table Manners and Etiquette

Book 5 - Guide for a Successful Feast

Book 6 - Ancient and Foreign Recipes

Geography of Ancaria

Book 1 - Tyr Lysia

Book 2 - Artamark

Book 3 - Nor Plat

Book 4 - Dyr Lain

Book 5 - Bengaresh


Book 1 - General

Book 2 - Ancaria's Herbs

Book 3 - The Poisons of Ancaria: Their Use, Effect, and Attributes

The Lost Diaries of Magus Elohinir

Book 1

Book 2

Book 3

New Books from Ice and Blood

These books have been added with the Ice and Blood expansion. They are shown under the category New Books in the logbook. With the Community Patch they are shown under the Ice and Blood category. The name was changed due to a simple fact that CM patch brought newer books to the game.

The Crypt of the Damned

A Zombie's Diary

Diaanja's Studybook

Guidebook of the Huntress

A Revolutionary Idea

New Books from Community Patch

The Legend of Kal'Dur

How to read books

Books will show up within a player's inventory which can be accessed by pressing the "F" key. Right-clicking any book found within the inventory will then add that book to a player's list of "read" books. Pressing "L" next will open up the player's logbook, and clicking the "book" tab at the top will display all of the "read" books. (Console version: from the player's Quest Log, pressing a trigger button will change to the Books section.)


The list of books the player has "read" will now display along the left with subtitled categories of books listed in yellow. Clicking any title will have its contents displayed along the right as in the example shown, Orcish Cooking.



  • Leaf and Parchment (items that resemble books) have no function at this time, and can be sold or dropped.
  • Reading 33 books will also unlock the Bookworm Achievement