Sacred 2:Book 6 - T-Energy

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From Lore of Weaponry
Book 6


Since the beginning of systematic research on the Lore of Magic, magical weapon (and armor) enhancement has been one of the top disciplines. Simply embedding a spell or enchantment is the basic form of this art. More complex ideas include chains of spells or even spells that can be triggered by the user of the weapon. In many cases, weapon enhancing magic will just add magical damage to the damage that is already being dealt by the weapon, increasing the overall damage and avoiding certain resistances. But the variety of options is in fact far wider. Literally all kinds of spells can be embedded into a weapon.

It was only a matter of time until someone came up with the idea to replace the controlled magic energy with the most primal and dangerous form of magic energy, the T-Energy. There is no way to control T-Energy. It is a constant flow of chaotic power that is almost impossible to channel, let alone control.

However, in the year 352 - After decades of dedicated research - the Archlords of the High Elf school of essence finally found a magic ritual that bound tiny pieces of T-Energy to a static object. The results were amazing. The T-Energy promptly took control over the object, but did not destroy it. Instead, it frequently unleashed small bits of energy with devastating effects. The ultimate weapon seemed to be born, but soon it became obvious that this was just an illusion, because the energy strikes were not targeted. Anyone wielding such a weapon would sooner or later inevitably kill himself. But the initial step was made.

Another fifty years of research were necessary before the means to concentrate T-Energy to a certain part of a weapon were found, thus ensuring that the unleashed energy would only target the intended object rather than leaking randomly. With this major advancement, the path to T-energy weapons was clear.

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