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The Shadow Warrior

As a champion of all forms of combat, the Shadow Warrior is proficient in hand-to-hand battles and has mastered powerful armed techniques. Having come into contact with the underworld in the past, he can also call upon fallen comrades to assist him.

Humans are former slaves of the Elves. They were entrusted to the Elves so that they might become civilized, just as the Seraphim used to civilize the Elves. Currently, they do not have any power in Ancaria. They are obedient laborers, assisting the Elves in building their palaces, erecting sacred buildings for the High Priests and cultivating the fields. Frequently, an Elven Lord requires more troops than T-Energy can provide. In these cases, he has no choice but to literally pluck Humans from the fields. Each Elven Lord has a small group of Human elite fighters in order to drill and shape these troops and lead them into battle: the Shadow Warriors.

The Shadow Warrior is an experienced fighter. He is well armored and his skills include proficiency in all available slashing, crushing and pole arm weapons. His self-discipline is renowned. Powered by all these attributes, he excels at battling T-Energy creatures. His strength and constitution make him a tough and dangerous opponent. At the same time, he has a decisive advantage on living specimens: he is still in contact with the Realm of the Dead. However, the significance of this unholy alliance only becomes apparent on the battlefield.

When a Shadow Warrior falls in battle, he may be reanimated by an ancient magical spell, which will render him undead, but even more powerful than before. The ritual of giving ‘life’ back to a Shadow Warrior is potentially dangerous for the caster, as the summoned soul often has no desire to be revived and will attempt to resist the reanimation. If the spell-caster makes just one small mistake, the Shadow Warrior will renounce the magic user, kill him, and then wander the lands of Ancaria, undead, with his own free will.

The Story

Shadow Warrior Class Quest (Light Path) Introduction: "Once I was a soldier. I proved myself in many battles. I never failed and I never avoided a fight. My enemies feared me and I was respected long after I was gone. But I was betrayed. An unnatural force robbed me of my final dues, the peace I had earned and brought my body back into this world. This is how I was damned to continue my existence as a creature of the shadows. And so I set out on my way in faith and honor hoping that one day my path might lead me to eternal peace..."

Shadow Warrior Class Quest (Shadow Path) Introduction: "Returned! Returned to the realm of the living. Returned to this miserable world full of weak, pathetic creatures. I was once a proud, courageous warrior, always in search of a worthy opponent. And when I finally found him, I was able to descend to the Realm of Shadows with a clear conscience. But I was betrayed! I was torn out of death's sweet embrace, damned to life, damned to immortality. But I swear by my lost soul that the living will pay for my suffering."

The Shadow Warrior used to be a Human elite guard and he fought bravely for his sovereign during the numerous battles of the High Elven empire. His strength in battle made him a living nightmare dreaded by his enemies. Thus, he was his warlord's ultimate weapon. His strength, discipline and obedience were second to none.

The Shadow Warrior has fulfilled his duty. He has fallen during battle for a High Elf Lord and has been admitted to the Elysium. Knowing full well that he was one of the best of his trade, the High Elf Lord decides to bring the Shadow Warrior back from the realm of the dead by using T-Energy in order to secure his services beyond the boundaries of death itself. However, the conjuring ceremony goes spectacularly wrong as the summoned soul successfully defies the spell caster. Enraged because he has been torn away from the eternal paradise of the Elysium, he proceeds to kill everyone who participated in the ceremony, freeing himself from the potential ties that might bind him.

With this freedom, the warrior has but one goal: to leave this world once more and return to the Elysium; however, he is now a creature of T-Energy, rendering him unable to do so. His only choice is to destroy the Great Machine in order to stop the stream of T-Energy. The T-Energy within him would thus dissolve and end his unholy existence. If he were to die in his current form, he would be eternally bound to the perdition of the T-Energy stream.

The Paths

As a free creature, he must now make a choice:

He could follow the Path of Light. Deep within the Shadow Warrior a spark of Humanity is still glowing. He can fight for peace in Ancaria and destroy the Great Machine controlling all T-Energy within Ancaria, which would also drain the T-Energy within him and therefore bring a tranquil end to his unholy life.
Alternatively, he may also pursue the Path of Shadows. His hatred concentrates on those who brought him back. His ambition is gaining control over the T-Energy in order to reach the ultimate power. He could seek revenge upon the people who caused his misery and use the Great Machine to attain immortality.

Deeply torn by his inner conflict he is about to begin his journey through the world of Ancaria...

Shadow Warrior Starting Attributes

Base starting attributes level 1, silver difficulty, no survival bonus, naked.

Strength Stamina Vitality Dexterity Intelligence Willpower Hitpoints
27 26 28 21 22 26 151

Shadow Warrior Skills

All skills in the left column below may be chosen as soon as a character reaches level two. All skills in the right column below may be chosen only after a Primary skill from the left column has reached level 5.

Combat Art Skills:

astrallordlore.gif Astral Lord Lore
Increases damage, critical chance, and cast speed for this aspect.
deathwarriorfocus.gif Death Warrior Focus
Improves regeneration and raises max Combat Art level for this aspect.
malevolentchampionfocus.gif Malevolent Champion Focus
Improves regeneration and raises max Combat Art level for this aspect.
astrallordfocus.gif Astral Lord Focus
Improves regeneration and raises max Combat Art level for this aspect.
combatdiscipline.gif Combat Discipline
Increases damage and improves regeneration for Combos. Also increases the number of Combat Arts allowed in a combo.
concentration.gif Concentration
Improves regeneration for all Combat Arts, and allows the use of up to three simultaneous buffs when mastered.
ancientmagic.gif Ancient Magic
Increases damage for non-weapon based Combat Arts and reduces the opponent's spell resistance when mastered.

Offensive Skills:

swordweapons.gif Sword Weapons
Increases attack speed, chance to hit, and max item level usable without penalties when wielding a sword.
haftedweapons.gif Hafted Weapons
Increases attack speed, chance to hit, and max item level usable without penalties when wielding a hafted weapon.
polearms.gif Pole Arms
Increases attack speed, chance to hit, and max item level usable without penalties when wielding a pole arm.
tacticslore.gif Tactics Lore
Increases damage and chance for critical hits with all weapons.
rangedweapons.gif Ranged Weapons
Increases attack speed, chance to hit, and max item level usable without penalties when wielding a ranged weapon.
dualwield.gif Dual wield
Grants the ability to wield two one-handed (non-ranged) weapons. Increases attack speed and chance to hit for both weapons.
speedlore.gif Speed Lore
Increases attack and defense, and run speed.
damagelore.gif Damage Lore
Provides a better chance for applying "status effects" (e.g., burning with fire damage) on monsters.

Defensive Skills:

shieldlore.gif Shield Lore
Grants the ability to use higher-level shields without penalties and increases their Defense Value.
armorlore.gif Armor Lore
Improves resists, increases maximum item level without penalties, and decreases regeneration penalty from armors.
constitution.gif Constitution
Increases health and health regeneration.
combatreflexes.gif Combat Reflexes
Improves Evasion statistic (chance to dodge attacks), and reduces the chance of receiving a critical hit from an attack.
spellresistance.gif Spell Resistance
Increases resistance to spells and protection from spell-based critical hits.
toughness.gif Toughness
Improves resists and provides minimal % damage mitigation.
pacifism.gif Pacifism
Reduces damage taken in PvP (all possible ramifications still unknown).

General skills:

riding.gif Riding
Grants the ability to ride better horses, reduces regeneration penalty while mounted, and unlocks special abilities.
blacksmith.gif Blacksmith
Allows the player to socket items and exclusive enhancements without having to use a Blacksmith.
divinedevotion.gif Divine Devotion
Improves regeneration of the Divine Gift (God spell) and unlocks some additional attributes.
alchemy.gif Alchemy
Enhances the effectiveness of all potions and allows use of certain consumables.
enhancedperception.gif Enhanced Perception
Increases chance of "seeing" invisible monsters and "magical hiding places."

Community Patch v160 adds one more skill to this list:

bargaining.gif Bargaining
Item price is displayed in inventory, and merchants will offer more favorable prices and better items.

Shadow Warrior Aspects

  • Death Warrior - The fighting specialist. No subtle conjuring, just raw strength and violence. In this aspect, the Shadow Warrior fights solely as a behemoth of a fighter and does not weave any kind of magic. His main characteristics are pure strength and stamina. He will bellow a mighty battle cry every time he lashes out at an enemy with one of his powerful combat arts.
  • Malevolent Champion - The Shadow Warrior is also capable of applying a more strategic and agile close combat style that relies less on sheer strength and armor and more on dexterity and tactics. The Shadow Warrior of this aspect is a skilled, agile and battle-hardened warrior, disregarding magic use in favor of physical attacks.
  • Astral Lord - The Shadow Warrior’s link to the afterlife allows him to call forth his dead comrades in order to fight for him. The warrior who becomes an Astral Lord commands the spirits of the damned, summoning them forth and overseeing the battle from his ranged vantage point. To lead the charge into close combat, the Shadow Warrior must also follow either of the Death Warrior or Malevolent Champion aspects.

Shadow Warrior Combat Arts


Death Warrior

Demonic Blow


Scything Sweep


Ruinous Onslaught


Rousing Command


Grim Resilience (Buff)



Malevolent Champion

Frenzied Rampage


Belligerent Vault


Augmenting Guidon


Killing Spree


Reflective Emanation (Buff)



Astral Lord

Spectral Hand


Skeletal Fortification


Rallied Souls


Shadow Veil


Nether Allegiance (Buff)


Shadow Warrior Equipment

Shadow Warrior Standard Armor Suits

Shadow Warrior Unique Items

Shadow Warrior Set Items

Community Patch Sets

Shadow Warrior Unique Mount


The Hellhound is the perfect companion for a warrior trapped between life and death. When this monster appears from the underworld, it strikes fear into the heart of every opponent.

Hellhound.gif Hellhound.png

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