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Technical Data

Class: Shadow Warrior
Set name: Denderan's Tactical Genius

SW_Asp_02.png This set focuses on the Shadow Warriors's aspect Malevolent Champion

Set Item Names:

Available Sockets:
Note that Bronze server dropped sets will normally have 1 slot per item.

Fallen Angel
  • Material.png 0 Material?
  • Bronze.png 4 Bronze?
  • Silver.png 6 Silver?
  • Gold.png 1 Gold?
Ice & Blood
  • Material.png 0 material
  • Bronze.png 3 bronze
  • Silver.png 4 silver
  • Gold.png 9 gold

Armor Resistances:
At item level 210 this set provides 819 base physical armor. A moderate amount in comparison to other Shadow Warrior sets of the same level.

Bonus to Combat Arts

Bonus to Skills

Bonus to Attributes

Item Modifiers

About the Set

  • Speed and careful execution are reaped when an armor wrought with such malevolence is worn. Many of the Shadow Warriors characteristics that this set will boost will create in him a super fast killing machine! Primarily melee with a hint of spell makes this set especially nice for hybrids.
  • In Ice & Blood, the belt Denderan's Reserve had its Concentration bonus replaced with Exalted Warrior Focus. This was certainly a bug, because set items in Sacred 2 do not normally have modifiers for other characters on them. Since this modifier is invisible for most players, the bug was not caught and as of Community Patch 1.50 it remains unfixed.

The Set Bonuses

These bonuses are dependent on character level and game difficulty. As the character levels up the Set Bonus will increase on a per level basis. In some cases there will be no change in stats from one level to another. This is because some stats increase at a fraction per level up. The server difficulty being played on will also have an effect on the Set Bonuses. For example a character's Set Bonuses will be higher in Niobium difficulty than any other difficulty.

Denderan's set bonus.png

Recommended pieces

Set Item Drop Levels

Denderan's Tactical Genius will begin to drop at level 15 and from then on drop in increments of 15 levels. 15, 30 45, 60, 75, 90, 105 etc...

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