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When using this modifier, for each successful hit, a player will gain the "+X" amount of health from the enemy's hitpoints while inflicting the same amount of damage. This is extra, unresisted damage that cannot be defended against by any opponent in the game. This modifier will have no effect if the attacker is already at full health. The effect stacks and can be socketed with with no diminishing returns.

This only works with melee/ranged attacks and weapon-based Combat Arts. Hybrid Combat Arts can also trigger it. It does not work when using spells or secondary effects (Burn, Poison, etc.)

It can often be more useful than Leech life from opponents +X% when fighting mobs, as this modifier will produce a flat amount of damage per hit. By contrast, the percentage values from "Leech Life from Opponents" are very low, except when fighting bosses and mini-bosses.

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Availability of Life leeched per hit +X as Item Modifier

This modifier is available on the following unique weapons as a gold modifier (that requires no skill):

This modifier is available on the following uniques as a gold modifier (that requires no skill):

It is available on the following sets as the full set item bonus as a gold modifier:

This modifier is available on the following unlock items as a yellow modifier:

Availability of Life leeched per hit +X from forged Runes for secondary rune effect

Availability of Life leeched per hit +X as Combat Art

Most characters will have (at least) one Combat Art that can be modded for Life leeched per hit with the exception of the Dryad and Seraphim. When Life Leech is part of a Combat Art, the damage is always improved by the corresponding Aspect Lore Skill, but not by +% Damage modifiers. It is available on the following Combat Arts as a choice of modification:

Dragon Mage

DMdb.gif Dragon Berserk - Dragon Magic - Native to this Combat Art, it's potency can also be increased with the Silver Modification - Steal Life

High Elf

HEmc.gif Magic Coup - Delphic Arcania - Silver Modification - Life Leech


INce.gif Callous Execution - Gruesome Inquisition - Gold Modification - Draw Life

INrm.gif Ruthless Mutilation - Gruesome Inquisition - Silver Modification - Dolor

INla.gif Levin Array - Astute Supremacy - Gold Modification - Steal Life

Shadow Warrior

SWdb.gif Demonic Blow - Death Warrior - Gold Modification - Life leech

SWfr.gif Frenzied Rampage - Malevolent Champion - Gold Modification - Vampire

Temple Guardian

TGjt.gif Jolting Touch - Lost Fusion - Bronze Modification - Life Leech


Life Leeched per Hit is animated as glowing neon orange threads that stream from the opponent to the player as life is leeched. If "Damage Details" is enabled in Gameplay Options, Life Leeched per Hit will display as "Additional Damage: X" in orange text, and "Healing: X" in green text.

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