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Introduction: The Astute Supremacist

Aspects_Layer12.gif The Inquisitor becomes almost invincible. He can take on hordes of enemies, hurling powerful streaks of lightning towards them, or he can steal their souls and use them to his advantage. No one is able to withstand them! His command of magic is so extensive that he can turn his opponents or their attacks into weapons.

Astute Supremacy Combat Arts

Levin Array

Icon_241.png Several streaks of lightning will shoot forward, inflicting damage on all opponents within a cone-shaped area in front of the Inquisitor.

Clustering Maelstrom

Icon_246.png Everything within range of the maelstrom will be drawn in to collide heavily at its core. Opponents will sustain damage from the collision.

Raving Thrust

Icon_244.png An opponent within medium range is knocked back. Each additional opponent that the first opponent careens into will sustain damage.

Zealous Doppelganger

Icon_251.png Summons a doppelganger of the Inquisitor, which will provide support in battle. If the Inquisitor dies while the doppelganger is active, the doppelganger will become the new Inquisitor (softcore only).

Reverse Polarity (Buff)

Icon_254.png While active, this aura grants a chance to reflect ranged damage back to its source.

Astute Supremacy Runes


When Forged into items, the runes of the Astute Supremacy aspect will boost the levels of the applicable Combat Arts (for the Inquisitor only) and will also provide a secondary effect of Chance to Reflect: Close Combat for all characters.

Difficulty Level Bonus to Combat Art Level Chance to Reflect: Close Combat
Bronze +1 +4.9%
Silver +1 +5.3%
(Item Lvl 20)
+2 +6.0%
(Item Lvl 35)
+4 +7.3%
(Item Lvl 50)
+6 +8.6%

Astute Supremacy Skills

astutesupremacyfocus.gif Astute Supremacy Focus
Improves regeneration, raises max Combat Art level, and unlocks modification points for Astute Supremacy.
astutesupremacylore.gif Astute Supremacy Lore
Increases damage, critical chance, and cast speed, and unlocks modification points for Astute Supremacy.

Astute Supremacy Shroud Spider

The Shroud Spider for Astute Supremacy has blue markings on its back that pulse with magical energy. The Ice and Blood version of this special mount is called the Shadow Spider, and has unique spiked armor.

-. -.

Bonuses and Penalties

Like all special mounts, this Spider gives a large bonus to the rider's hitpoints and defense at the cost of increasing the regeneration penalty of combat arts.

However, this aspect mount gives a special bonus which offsets the regeneration penalty to Astute Supremacy. Therefore, the Inquisitor specializing in Astute Supremacy will desire this Spider. Combined with the Riding skill, regeneration times for this aspect will eventually be lower when mounted than on foot!

Astute Supremacy Set: Deylen's Power

Deylen's Power is a set specially focused on the Astute Supremacy aspect, giving bonuses to all five combat art levels and their regeneration times.


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