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The Inquisitor

Inquisitor portrait.png The Inquisitor is the High Priest of the High Elves. He is as deadly as he is arrogant and he has only his own interests at heart. The fate of the other inhabitants of Ancaria does not concern him. He is determined to see the High Elven clergy in absolute control of T-Energy. The Inquisitor doesn’t even respect the dead and he does not hesitate to call upon them to aid him.

He is a very dark figure, always clothed in robes. The soul of the Inquisitor is as dark as the magic he uses, and his methods in hand-to-hand combat are just as twisted. He has access to devastating spells of destruction and influence based on dark magic, enabling him to fight entire groups of opponents. The Inquisitor is proficient in close combat and his power even increased by damage he's taken. He represents the Seraphim's polar opposite and is rooted firmly on the path of Shadow.

The Story

Inquisitor Class Quest Introduction (Shadow Path): "I am an Inquisitor, one of the high priests of the High Elves. Vested with all of the privileges of my rank, I pursue my own goals independently and freely. the affairs of the lower beings of this world do not concern me. Let them call me evil. May they wail and curse me. They're lacking the mind to understand the true principles of my existence, the unrestricted exercise of the power I am entitled to for the higher good of the Inquisition."

The Inquisitors are High Priests. Originally, these were the connection between the rulers and the Great Machine. Over time, they started to abuse their powers and they attempted to become involved with politics. Now, the High Priests are secretly breeding demons and other disgusting creatures in order to seize power over Ancaria.

After the Great War and the migration of the High Elves into the northern regions, an internal power struggle for control over T-Energy broke out. Both the aristocracy and the clergy claimed control over the T-Energy for their own purposes.

This conflict smoldered for years and resulted in both factions focusing their power on battling each other. In this unstable political environment the Inquisitor managed to secede unnoticed from the clergy and even gain control over them by manipulation and intrigues.

Officially they are still “only” a part of the clergy, but in reality they managed to assume the power.

The Inquisitors are fanatic fighters and they possess weapons that are able to store and discharge T-Energy, which they will transform into any shape they require. Their armor is similar to the Seraphim’s armor. However, they conceal their armor wearing black robes adorned with runes.

Iq logo hi.png

The Path

The Inquisitor is a fighter for the shadows. He has powerful and manipulative spells at his command, which render him a deadly weapon. He is even able to manipulate the minds of his enemies.

The Inquisitor is an offensive character. He is extremely self-opinionated and goes to extremes in his fights. He prefers brutal weapons and he is the only character who does not have the skill to wield shields. He favors close combat but he is also able to use ranged weapons. The Inquisitor wanders Ancaria pursuing purely selfish goals. Therefore, he may only follow the Path of Shadow.

Inquisitor Starting Attributes

Base starting attributes level 1, silver difficulty, no survival bonus, naked.

Strength Stamina Vitality Dexterity Intelligence Willpower Hitpoints
23 25 23 27 27 22 138

Inquisitor Skills

All skills in the left column below may be chosen as soon as a character reaches level two. All skills in the right column below may be chosen only after a Primary skill from the left column has reached level 5.

Combat Art Skills:

combatdiscipline.gif Combat Discipline
Increases damage and improves regeneration for Combos. Also increases the number of Combat Arts allowed in a combo.
gruesomeinquisitionfocus.gif Gruesome Inquisition Focus
Improves regeneration and raises max Combat Art level for this aspect.
astutesupremacylore.gif Astute Supremacy Lore
Increases damage, critical chance, and cast speed for this aspect.
nefariousnetherworldlore.gif Nefarious Netherworld Lore
Increases damage, critical chance, and cast speed for this aspect.
concentration.gif Concentration
Improves regeneration for all Combat Arts, and allows the use of up to three simultaneous buffs when mastered.
ancientmagic.gif Ancient Magic
Increases damage for non-weapon based Combat Arts and reduces the opponent's spell resistance when mastered.
astutesupremacyfocus.gif Astute Supremacy Focus
Improves regeneration and raises max Combat Art level for this aspect.
nefariousnetherworldfocus.gif Nefarious Netherworld Focus
Improves regeneration and raises max Combat Art level for this aspect.

Offensive skills:

haftedweapons.gif Hafted Weapons
Increases attack speed, chance to hit, and max item level usable without penalties when wielding a hafted weapon.
dualwield.gif Dual wield
Grants the ability to wield two one-handed (non-ranged) weapons. Increases attack speed and chance to hit for both weapons.
magicstaffs.gif Magic Staffs
Increases attack speed, chance to hit, and max item level usable without penalties when wielding a staff.
tacticslore.gif Tactics Lore
Increases damage and chance for critical hits with all weapons.
damagelore.gif Damage Lore
Provides a better chance for applying "status effects" (e.g., burning with fire damage) on monsters.
rangedweapons.gif Ranged Weapons
Increases attack speed, chance to hit, and max item level usable without penalties when wielding a ranged weapon.
swordweapons.gif Sword Weapons
Increases attack speed, chance to hit, and max item level usable without penalties when wielding a sword.
polearms.gif Pole Arms
Increases attack speed, chance to hit, and max item level usable without penalties when wielding a pole arm.
speedlore.gif Speed Lore
Increases attack and defense, and run speed.

Defensive Skills:

armorlore.gif Armor Lore
Improves resists, increases maximum item level without penalties, and decreases regeneration penalty from armors.
toughness.gif Toughness
Improves resists and provides minimal % damage mitigation.
combatreflexes.gif Combat Reflexes
Improves Evasion statistic (chance to dodge attacks), and reduces the chance of receiving a critical hit from an attack.
constitution.gif Constitution
Increases health and health regeneration.
spellresistance.gif Spell Resistance
Increases resistance to spells and protection from spell-based critical hits.
pacifism.gif Pacifism
Reduces damage taken in PvP (all possible ramifications still unknown).

General skills:

riding.gif Riding
Grants the ability to ride better horses, reduces regeneration penalty while mounted, and unlocks special abilities.
bargaining.gif Bargaining
Item price is displayed in inventory, and merchants will offer more favorable prices and better items.
divinedevotion.gif Divine Devotion
Improves regeneration of the Divine Gift (God spell) and unlocks some additional attributes.
blacksmith.gif Blacksmith
Allows the player to socket items and exclusive enhancements without having to use a Blacksmith.
alchemy.gif Alchemy
Enhances the effectiveness of all potions and allows use of certain consumables.

Community Patch v160 adds one more skill to this list:

enhancedperception.gif Enhanced Perception
Increases chance of "seeing" invisible monsters and "magical hiding places."

Inquisitor Aspects

  • Gruesome Inquisition - The Inquisitor is an excellent melee fighter. He is not defensive; instead, he prefers to attack relentlessly with no regard for his own protection. He knows very well that his best defense lies in preventing a second blow from his opponents. The Inquisitor uses his privileges and an extremely high degree of sadism as only these former clergymen do. He disposes of his opponents by various cruel means such as shackling them to a pillory or even executing them.
  • Astute Supremacy - The Inquisitor becomes almost invincible. He can take on hordes of enemies, hurling powerful streaks of lightning towards them, or he can steal their souls and use them to his advantage. No one is able to withstand them! His command of magic is so extensive that he can turn his opponents or their attacks into weapons.
  • Nefarious Netherworld - The Inquisitor is also proficient at dark magic that drains the souls from his opponents and even turns the dead into tools. The darkest among the Inquisitors excel in the dark arts. They feed on souls and they desecrate corpses in order to enhance their own powers. They can even frighten their opponents literally to death.

Inquisitor Combat Arts


Gruesome Inquisition

Callous Execution


Ruthless Mutilation


Mortifying Pillory


Frenetic Fervor


Purifying Chastisement (Buff)



Astute Supremacy

Levin Array


Clustering Maelstrom


Raving Thrust


Zealous Doppelganger


Reverse Polarity (Buff)



Nefarious Netherworld

Dislodged Spirit


Paralyzing Dread


Inexorable Subjugation


Eruptive Desecration


Soul Reaver (Buff)


Inquisitor Equipment

Inquisitor Standard Armor Suits

Inquisitor Unique Items

Inquisitor Set Items

Community Patch Sets

Inquisitor Unique Mount

Shroud Spider

The dark powers have provided a very special mount for the Inquisitor. He rides on the back of a large dark spider while weaving his powerful spells.


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