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Technical Data

Class: Inquisitor

Set name: Disgraced Gods

Set Item Names:

Available Sockets:

  • Silver.png 8 Silver
  • Gold.png 8 Gold

Armor Resistances:

Bonus to Combat Arts

Bonus to Skills

Bonus to Attributes

Item Modifiers

About the Set

  • Religions and myths tell stories of gods, angels, and divine beings beyond count. However some of the most memorable ones are those that make mistakes, fall from grace, are cast down, defeated, and generally just fail. Priests of the Inquisition know this, and they also know that Ker is the supreme goddess, sublime in her chaos, perfect in her evil. Therefore they have no shame in invoking the memory of these failures to further dishonor them and to advance the glory of Ker. This set of priestly robes and ritual mask are the embodiment of this idea.
    • Check the pages for the individual set pieces to read the lore of the gods that inspired each item.
  • As this set was designed to invoke doom and the occult, it is somewhat focused for a caster build and the Netherworld and Supremacy aspects. However it also has many modifiers and bonuses that would be useful for a weapon-using Inquisitor. Therefore, a triple-aspect hybrid build would probably get the most use out of Disgraced Gods.
  • A few modifiers on this set are unlocked by the Armor Lore skill, so many pieces may not be that great for an Inquisitor without the skill, but with high levels of Armor Lore these modifiers will actually scale to much more powerful values than they normally have.
  • This set has a unique set of models and textures that form the Disgraced Gods armor set. The pieces are adapted from several sources:
    • The torso, shoulders, arms and legs are retextures of the Magic Set.
    • The boots and gloves are from the Iron Set.
    • The belt is an adaptation of the armor worn by Blood Dryad enemies.
    • The helmet is an adaptation of certain skulls that can be found adorning Orc tents in Nor Plat.

The Set Bonuses

These bonuses are dependent on character level and game difficulty. As the character levels up the Set Bonus will increase on a per level basis. In some cases there will be no change in stats from one level to another. This is because some stats increase at a fraction per level up. The server difficulty being played on will also have an effect on the Set Bonuses. For example a character's Set Bonuses will be higher in Niobium difficulty than any other difficulty.

# of Items Bronze Silver Gold Platinum Niobium (lvl 200)
Detrimental magic effects 3 - 39.4%
Chance for Secondary Damage Effect 5 + 16.0%
Chance for Double Hit 7 + 11.1%
Leech life from opponents 8 + 2.7%

Disgraced gods set bonus.jpg

Recommended pieces

  • ...

Set Item Drop Levels

  • Pieces begin dropping at level 20 and drop every 15 levels afterward.

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