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Chance for Freeze is a secondary damage effect, as well as one of the Detrimental magic effects. It can be triggered by doing ice.jpg Ice damage, either by

The chance to inflict Chance for Freeze upon an enemy will increase the higher the relative % Ice damage, or with this secondary effect forged into armor via jewelry. The effect of Chance for Freeze is a x% chance that the target will be frozen. When frozen, the target will have a 25% reduction to both attack speed and movement speed (duration is 5 seconds).

Only one Freeze effect can be active on a monster at a time. The next time it is triggered, it will reset the timer.


In order to resist Freeze, players should look for items with the following modifiers:

  • Opponent's Chance to Freeze - X%: reduces the chance that opponents will Freeze the player.
  • Detrimental Magic Effects -X%: reduces the duration and effect of Freeze.
  • Spell Resistance skill mastery reduces the duration and effect of Freeze.

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