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Deadly Wounds

It is believed that Deadly Wounds reduce the enemies maximum hitpoints by 20% for a duration of 10 sec. This means it is a stronger form of Deep Wounds.

See also Open Wounds, Serious Open Wounds, Deep Wounds.

Effect duration

Deadly Wounds effect, being triggered from Equipment modifier, lasts for 10 seconds. If Deep Wounds effect is triggered by Combat art (which can be used by some monsters), it's duration depends on CA level (starts at 15 sec, lasts more than 40 sec at higher levels).


Deadly Wounds has the curse animation:


Deadly Wounds can appear as a blue mod on Two Handed Swords. This bonus always requires Sword Weapons skill to be unlocked.

It also appears as a gold mod (that requires no skill) on the following unique, legendary and set items:




Chance to inflict

Chance to inflict Deadly Wounds scales with difficulty levels (except when it's not a full-set-bonus gold mod). A bonus on an item found in Bronze difficulty will improve when moving on to higher difficulties.

Chance for unlockable Deadly Wounds will increase as the player puts more points in the Sword Weapons skill (or even with skill bonuses). Unlockable Deadly Wounds have the following chances to inflict for each difficulty:

Difficulty 1 skill point 75 points 250+ points
Bronze: 3 % 5 % 10 %
Silver: 3,5 % 6 % 12 %
Gold: 4 % 6,9 % 14 %
Platinum: 4,5 % 8,1 % 17 %
Niobium: 5 % 9,3 % 20 %

Note that skill level 250 is required to reach the maximum value, regardless of difficulty.


In order to resist Deadly Wounds, players should look for items with the following modifiers:

  • Opponent's Chance to Wound - X%: Reduces the chance opponents can inflict Deadly Wounds on the player.
  • The most popular defences as "Detrimental magic effects -X%" modifier or Spell Resistance skill mastery don't affect Deadly Wounds effect.
  • If one triggered, Deadly Wounds can not be removed before its duration ending. Expulse Magic doesn't afect it.

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