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Deep Wounds

Deep Wounds will reduce the enemy's maximum hitpoints value.

See also Open Wounds, Serious Open Wounds, Deadly Wounds.


When triggered, Deep Wounds will reduce the opponent's maximum hitpoints value by roughly 8%, for a duration of 10 seconds.


Deep Wounds effect has no animation, which makes it a pretty dirty move... Its effect is noticeable when the player starts ripping unusually big chunks of hitpoints out of the enemy, while dealing the same amount of damage.

When the duration of Deep Wounds wears out, the opponent's health bar will blink, and he will seem to "heal" an amount of hitpoints (he'll just get his maximum hitpoints restored). Here is what this blinking looks like:


This bonus always spawns with Weapon Lore requirement (you need to have Sword Weapons skill or similar to unlock them), except when it is a gold mod as full set bonus or on polearms.

The following table shows the items on which Deep Wounds can appear. For example, a sword will always require Sword Weapons skill to unlock the bonus (if Deep Wounds spawns on it), while a polearm will have it without Pole Arms skill since it will spawn as a gold mod.

Can spawn on: Can spawn without Weapon Lore? Associated Weapon Lore
Swords: available as gold mod Sword Weapons
Polearms: available as gold mod none
Axes/Hammers: no Hafted Mastery

This modifier is available on the following weapon types as a blue modifier:

It is available (with Sword Weapons skill) on the following unique and epic weapons:

It is available (without skills) as gold mod on the following unique, set and legendary items:

Chance to cause

Chance to cause Deep Wounds scales with difficulty levels (except when it's not a full-set-bonus gold mod). A bonus on an item found in Bronze difficulty will improve when moving on to higher difficulties.

Chance for unlockable Deep Wounds will increase as the player puts more points in the relevant skill (or even with skill bonuses). Unlockable Deep Wounds have the following chances to cause for each difficulty:

Difficulty 1 skill point 75 points 250+ points
Bronze: 3 % 5 % 10 %
Silver: 3,5 % 6 % 12 %
Gold: 4 % 6,9 % 14 %
Platinum: 4,5 % 8,1 % 17 %
Niobium: 5 % 9,3 % 20 %

Note that skill level 250 is required to reach the maximum value, regardless of difficulty.


In order to resist Deep Wounds, players should look for items with the following modifiers:

  • Opponent's Chance to Wound - X%: Reduces the chance opponents can inflict Deep Wounds on the player.
  • Detrimental Magic Effects -X%: Reduces both the effect and duration of Deep Wounds.

Note: prior to patch 2.40 the hitpoint reduction was cumulative, so each consecutive triggered Deep Wounds would further reduce the opponent's hitpoints (again by 8% of the original hitpoint value). It was quite possible to reduce the enemy to 1 hitpoint, if the Attack Speed and Deep Wounds chance are high enough (this was a bug).

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