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Inquisitor Combat Arts

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Aspect: Gruesome Inquisition

Aspects_Layer11.gif The Inquisitor is an excellent melee fighter. He is not defensive; instead, he prefers to attack relentlessly with no regard for his own protection. He knows very well that his best defense lies in preventing a second blow from his opponents. The Inquisitor uses his privileges and an extremely high degree of sadism as only these former clergymen do. He disposes of his opponents by various cruel means such as shackling them to a pillory or even executing them.

Callous Execution

Icon_211.png Powerful blow or stab that will inflict heavy damage on an opponent.

Ruthless Mutilation

Icon_213.png A strike that will damage and slow down all opponents within a half-circle in front of the Inquisitor.

Mortifying Pillory

Icon_215.png The target opponent is condemned as outlaw, granting former allies a chance to turn against the target. Additionally, portions of weapon damage will be converted into poison damage.

Frenetic Fervor

Icon_221.png Increases attack speed and maximum attack value for a brief period of time.

Purifying Chastisement (Buff)

Icon_223.png Channels physical pain into offensive damage. The more the Inquisitor is wounded by opponents, the greater the damage he wields, up to a maximum threshold.

Aspect: Astute Supremacy

Aspects_Layer12.gif The Inquisitor becomes almost invincible. He can take on hordes of enemies, hurling powerful streaks of lightning towards them, or he can steal their souls and use them to his advantage. No one is able to withstand them! His command of magic is so extensive that he can turn his opponents or their attacks into weapons.

Levin Array

Icon_241.png Several streaks of lightning will shoot forward, inflicting damage on all opponents within a cone-shaped area in front of the Inquisitor.

Clustering Maelstrom

Icon_246.png Everything within range of the maelstrom will be drawn in to collide heavily at its core. Opponents will sustain damage from the collision.

Raving Thrust

Icon_244.png An opponent within medium range is knocked back. Each additional opponent that the first opponent careens into will sustain damage.

Zealous Doppelganger

Icon_251.png Summons a doppelganger of the Inquisitor, which will provide support in battle. If the Inquisitor dies while the doppelganger is active, the doppelganger will become the new Inquisitor (softcore only).

Reverse Polarity (Buff)

Icon_254.png While active, this aura grants a chance to reflect ranged damage back to its source.

Aspect: Nefarious Netherworld

Aspects_Layer13.gif The Inquisitor is also proficient at dark magic that drains the souls from his opponents and even turns the dead into tools. The darkest among the Inquisitors excel in the dark arts. They feed on souls and they desecrate corpses in order to enhance their own powers. They can even frighten their opponents literally to death.

Dislodged Spirit

Icon_261.png A single touch causing ice damage while it tears the soul from the opponent. The opponent's attributes will diminish significantly for a brief period until the soul finds its way back into the body.

Paralyzing Dread

Icon_270.png Slows down all attacks by opponents in the vicinity of the Inquisitor.

Inexorable Subjugation

Icon_259.png A channeled beam hits and petrifies the opponent. Additionally, the beam inflicts magic damage. If the opponent dies while Subjugation is active, the unfortunate soul will transform into a spectral companion of the Inquisitor.

Eruptive Desecration

Icon_264.png Causes corpses to explode, inflicting damage to nearby opponents.

Soul Reaver (Buff)

15.gif Raises the souls of fallen corpses. These will surround the Inquisitor for a while before they disappear again. Each fresh soul provides an additional boost to the Inquisitor's attack and defense, as well as resetting the souls' lifespan.

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