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Introduction: The Lost Fusion Technologist

Aspects_Layer18.gif One arm of the Temple Guardian is purely mechanical, which allows him to exchange it and enhance it with T-Energy, to make it an even deadlier weapon against opponents. The Temple Guardian uses a number of weapon arm attacks for ranged combat, thereby destroying opponents before they even get close.

Lost Fusion Combat Arts

Amplifying Discharge

Gods_Char_Diff_CAs_65.gif A rapid shot with bullets. These have a chance to hit an additional opponent who is close to the original target.

Furious Emblazer

Gods_Char_Diff_CAs_67.gif A jet of molten fire burns everything in the Temple Guardian's path.

Jolting Touch

Gods_Char_Diff_CAs_69.gif The Temple Guardian clutches his opponent with the left hand immobilizing him and sending out electrical impulses for several seconds.

Archimedes Beam

Gods_Char_Diff_CAs_74.gif The Temple Guardian’s left arm unfolds a large parabolic mirror and fires a powerful beam of concentrated energy.

Propelled Levitation

Gods_Char_Diff_CAs_76.gif The Temple Guardian levitates and moves faster, which renders him more difficult to hit. His jet nozzles emit pulses, which will damage nearby opponents.

Lost Fusion Runes


When Forged into items, the runes of the Lost Fusion aspect will boost the levels of the applicable Combat Arts (for the Temple Guardian only) and will also provide a secondary effect of Chance for Critical Hits for all characters.

Difficulty Level Bonus to Combat Art Level Chance for Critical Hits
Bronze +1 +1.0%
Silver +1 +1.5%
(Item Lvl 20)
+2 +2.2%
(Item Lvl 35)
+4 +2.7%
(Item Lvl 50)
+6 +3.5%

Lost Fusion Skills

lostfusionfocus.gif Lost Fusion Focus
Improves regeneration, raises max Combat Art level, and unlocks modification points for Lost Fusion.
reveredtechnologylore.gif Lost Fusion Lore
Increases damage, critical chance, and cast speed , and cast speed, and unlocks modification points for Lost Fusion.

Lost Fusion Mobiculum

The Mobiculum for the Lost Fusion aspect is covered with green technological symbols. The Ice and Blood version of this special mount has unique armor with a battle shield attached to the front.

-. -.

Bonuses and Penalties

Like all special mounts, this Mobiculum gives a large bonus to the rider's hitpoints and defense at the cost of increasing the regeneration penalty of combat arts.

However, this aspect mount gives a special bonus which offsets the regeneration penalty to Lost Fusion. Therefore, a Temple Guardian specializing in Lost Fusion will desire this Mobiculum. Combined with the Riding skill, regeneration times for this aspect will eventually be lower when mounted than on foot!

Lost Fusion Set: Technical Modules

The Technical Modules is a set specially focused on the Lost Fusion aspect, giving bonuses to all five combat art levels and their regeneration times.


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