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The Shadow Warrior has a special mount at his command: the Hellhound. It is slower than a horse, but much stronger in close combat. When the Shadow Warrior rides the Hellhound, it is able to adopt some of the fighting skills of the Shadow Warrior very effectively. It will attack with bites and kicks, and ‘Ruinous Onslaught’ will become far more devastating from atop the Hellhound.

The Hellhound will increase protection values for some combat arts while others will be more effective, and it also provides increased mobility. In spectral form, the Hellhound becomes invisible, which can provide many advantages for tactical approaches in battle. Therefore, the Hellhound is an indispensable companion for the Shadow Warrior.

The Hellhound is the perfect companion for a warrior trapped between life and death. When this monster appears from the underworld, it strikes fear into the heart of every opponent.

All four Hellhounds will offer increased defense values as well as a bonus to health points.

Three Hellhounds for the Shadow Warrior offer bonuses to the following aspects:

The fourth Hellhound does not modify regeneration times, but offers a resistance bonus instead.


  • The non-aspect mount was removed in the Ice & Blood expansion, and each aspect mount was given unique armor.
  • With the Community Patch installed, all mounts become buyable again. The vendor offers seven mounts - four mounts from the original game and three mounts that came with the expansion.
  • For a character specializing in only one aspect, using the appropriate aspect mount along with the Riding skill can reduce the regeneration penalty so that it is almost negligible. When the Riding skill level is high enough, that aspect's combat arts will actually have lower regeneration times when the character is mounted.

Resistance Hellhound

Astral Lord Hellhound

Fallen Angel Version
Ice and Blood Version

Malevolent Champion Hellhound

Fallen Angel Version
Ice and Blood Version

Death Warrior Hellhound

Fallen Angel Version
Ice and Blood Version

Hellhound Art

Concept for new Ice and Blood Armors
Hellhound Rendering