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This is a visual breakdown of all the elements on the Character Creation screen (accessed by clicking 'New Character' on the main menu).


The first option on the Character Creation screen is the choice of a character class. The player can choose from 6 characters from Fallen Angel plus 1 added with the Ice and Blood Expansion. When you click on any of the 7 characters they will appear on-screen and begin introducing themselves. The introduction changes based on whether the Light or Shadow path is selected (see below).


The player can choose between the Light Campaign (all characters except Inquisitor) or the Shadow Campaign (all characters except Seraphim). This choice affects the Main Campaign story dramatically as well as some Side Quests (including Character Specific Quests). All characters except the Inquisitor and Seraphim will give different introductions and have slightly different personalities in-game based on this choice. This choice cannot be changed once the character is created.


Here the player chooses their patron Deity, who bestows upon the player a powerful Divine Gift combat art. The choice of God is restricted based on what Path is chosen. Ker cannot be chosen by a character on the Light Path (and therefore can never be the God of the Seraphim) while Lumen cannot be chosen by a character on the Shadow Path (and therefore can never be the God of the Inquisitor). The God cannot be changed once the character is created.

Difficulty and Game Mode

The player can choose to start their character in either Bronze or Silver difficulty. Bronze is much easier and is recommended for inexperienced or casual gamers. In Bronze, the levels of enemies quickly reach a cap. Therefore, more experienced players may wish to spend only a short time in Bronze to gain a feel for their character and get some basic equipment before importing their character into Silver. Highly experienced players looking for a challenge may wish to skip Bronze altogether and begin their character in Silver.

Under Game Mode, the player can toggle two game modes on and off: "Hardcore" mode and "Expert Touch" mode. These two modes can be activated/deactivated independent of each other.

In Hardcore mode the character has one life, meaning if the character dies it is deleted and cannot be played anymore. This is opposed to the Standard mode where the character can die and be resurrected. Hardcore mode is disabled by default.

Expert Touch is an alternate game mode introduced in Ice and Blood that affects Combat Art Regeneration. If activated, combat arts regenerate faster but draw their energy from all aspects. This mode is especially useful for characters who focus on a single aspect. Characters creating Combos using combat arts from all aspects may also find this mode useful. With this mode disabled, the classic Fallen Angel style regneration is used, where each aspect has its own independent regeneration timer. Expert Touch is enabled by default.

Character Name

This is where the name of the character is entered. By default, the name is just that of the class, for example, "Dragon Mage." This pane also displays a summary of all the choices the player has made on the character creation screen. It is a good idea to review this info before clicking "Start Game."


Here the player customizes the look of their character. With Ice and Blood there are sliders with options for skin color and (for females) hair style and color. Here the player can also choose the color of their Carrier Imp.