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The Carrier Imp is an in-game "pet" that will provide extra inventory storage for players. The Carrier Imp may be summoned by the player whenever needed to store excess loot and equipment, while delivering items to the player whenever needed, and wherever they are. With the Carrier Imp, there is no worrying about overfilling a player's character's pack, which will allow them to focus on saving Ancaria from evil!


The Carrier Imp was first introduced in the Sacred 2: Collector's Edition. In this edition, the Imp was only available in Closed Multiplayer Mode. It was not available in Single Player, Single Player Cooperative, or Open Multiplayer Modes.

In Ice and Blood, the Carrier Imp returned and was made available during all playing modes. The same holds true for Sacred 2: Gold Edition.


During the game, the player can press the designated hotkey, and the Carrier Imp will appear out of thin air and make a small chirping, growling sound. He usually appears very close to the character, but sometimes he may appear in a nearby building. If he does, he will use stairs, open doors, or whatever is necessary to walk over to the player. The player can click on the Imp and he will function exactly as if he is a stationary Storage Chest. The stash is the same stash as the normal chests. When the player closes the chest, the Imp does a small backflip and disappears in a puff of magic.

If the player doesn't click on the Imp, he will hang around, making small noises and playing air guitar. He will follow the player everywhere, even into battle. The Imp can't be harmed or affected by enemies, who pay no notice to him.


When the player creates a new character, the Carrier Imp will be shown on the customization screen next to the character. Here, the player can change the color of the Imp if they desire. There are over 30 different shades.

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