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Console Hero Chest

In the console version of Sacred 2, the hero chest is shared between all characters on that particular account.
It is divided into 5 different categories: Weapons, Armor, Relics, Miscellaneous and Potions.

Console Storage Order

Weapons are sorted by damage, from highest to lowest, using the upper limit of the damage range.
If multiple weapons have the same upper limit, it compares the lower limit.

Shields are always sorted in order of gold value, no matter the Armor or level.

Armor is sorted first by the slot in which the armor is equipped.

  • Head
  • Body
  • Shoulders
  • Arms
  • Hands
  • Waist
  • Legs
  • Feet
  • Class Specific (Wings, Shrunken Head, Battery)
  • Rings
  • Amulets

Armor is then sorted by Class.
Items for your current class are always on the topic of each equip slot section, followed by all other classes combined together.

Armor is then sorted by the Armor Value (from highest to lowest).
In the section for the other classes, this is what determines the order for the list, ignoring the class entirely.

Note On Ring and Amulet Sorting

Amulets and rings are sorted in a very strange manner, which is not static like the other armor.
These sections seem to build a list based on a criteria and present it either in order or in reverse order.
It seems that the criteria is "newest item is placed at the top". However, upon starting another game, said item will be at the bottom of the list and all new items will be placed at the top of the reverse ordered list.

This is much easier explained with an example.
A player's original list will look like this: Ring, Hoop.
They can then add a "Divine Ring" to their stash, creating this list: Divine Ring, Ring, Hoop.
In the player's next game, their list will look like this: Hoop, Ring, Divine Ring.
They add a "Signet Ring" to their stash, creating this list: Signet Ring, Hoop, Ring, Divine Ring.
In their next game, their list will look like this: Divine Ring, Ring, Hoop, Signet Ring.

Relics are sorted from highest to lowest Armor Value.

Miscellaneous are first sorted by type:

Both Your Class Runes and Other Class Runes are sorted by Aspect then Combat Art (as found on the Combat Art page).

The default order for the Other Class Runes section is the following (remove your current class from the list for the correct order):

Books are sorted by price.
Weapon Modifiers and Trophies are sorted by price and the lists are combined.

Potions are always sorted by type first, then from strongest to weakest.

The type order is the following: