Sacred 2:All Class Unique Amulets

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Alisamma's Temptation

Amulet of Forens

Amulet of the Jade Scarab

Arta's Effulgence

Artamark's Star

Begulor's Sparkles

Brandner's Radiance

Clepidide's Talisman

Darwargon's Circlet

Denvera's Talisman

Draco's Amulet

Dragon Amulet

Dragon Scale Amulet

Drentor's Fang

Elven Star

Etherora's Collar

Fips' Necklace

Gem of Life

Gem of Magic

Gronkor's Medal

Hunting Amulet

Isgrana's Pride

Jodah's Ornament

Jugala's Necklace

Kari's Adornment

Larilgar's Protector

Legoril's Amulet

Lord Waynes Wild Rage

Maldrion's Necklace

Manadth's Fetish

Miarem's Totem

Nadji's Taming

Necklace of Greed

Olgfried's Choker

Peptar's Precious

Samaur's Chains

Tanit's Collar

Vedan's Nemesis

Wings of Death

Worard's Pearl

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