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This is a listing of all the side quests in Sacred 2 Fallen Angel. Side quests are secondary quests (marked with grey question marks and circles), that is, quests which are not in the main storyline (marked orange) and are not specific to a character class (marked blue). This listing includes only single side quests whose storyline ends with the completion of the quest. For chain side quests that consist of multiple quests with common storyline refer to their respective listing.

This listing is divided in three parts:

  • Light And Shadow Quests: The first list is split into two columns, and contains all quests which are different for characters with Light and Shadow alignment; this means, these quests will change depending on character's alignment a player chooses during character creation. Moreover, these quests are oftenly exclusive for one of the alignments, which means they will not appear for the other alignment. For some quests this exclusion is partial, as many Light quests have Shadow counterparts (and vice versa) that use the same story, but show it from the other side. Other quests are completely unique for an alignment. Light Quests are listed in the left column, and Shadow Quests in the right column.
  • God Quests: The Second list contains quests that depend on character's chosen Deity. Characters can accept only the quests that are dedicated to the God or Goddess these characters worship. In singleplayer mod each character can see only the quests dedicated to this character's chosen Deity. In multiplayer it is possible to see God Quests that were prepared for other players, but not to accept them.
  • Common Quests: The third list contains all the quests which will be the same for every character you are playing with.

Light And Shadow Quests


Light Path

Chapter 1

An Eye for an Eye

Bruno the Teddy Bear

Deadly Catch

Feed the Poor

Gardens of the Seraphim

Impure Hands

Intercept Delyme

Purification of the Temple

Strange Rituals

The Escape

The Needy Water Elemental

The Prodigal Son

The Talisman

The Tortured Soul

Chapter 2

Cat and Mouse

Finally Rich ...

Chapter 3

Wantanor, Ogre Champion



Shadow Path

Chapter 1

Dirty Streets

House Cleaning

If the Reputation is Down the Gutter...

In the Garden of the Seraphim

Lethal Escort

Pack of Slaves

Panem et Circenses

Settling Debts


Strengthening Elixir for the Abbess

Too Many Fish

War is Good for Business

Chapter 2

Finally Rich

Chapter 3


Doctor Muchthink

Wantanor, Ogre Champion - Shadow

Chapter 5

Blackhammer Must Die!

Important Discoveries


The Key to Success

God Quests

Lumen Icon.png


Chapter 2

Desecrated God (Lumen)


Forens Icon.png


Chapter 2

Desecrated Gods (Forens)

Chapter 7

Parched Gods: Forens

Chapter 9

Green Gods: Forens


Kybele Icon.png


Chapter 2

Desecrated Goddess

Chapter 7

Parched Gods: Kybele

Testa Icon.png


Chapter 2

Desecrated God (Testa)


Kuan Icon.png


Chapter 2

Desecrated Gods (Kuan)

Torchlight Procession


Ker Icon.png


Common Quests

Light.png shadow.png

Both Paths

Tutorial Quests (Chapter 1)

Tutorial Blacksmith: Michel, the Blacksmith's Apprentice

Tutorial Damage Types: Burn Skeletons Burn!

Tutorial Hirelings: The Pirate Cave

Tutorial Relics: Playing with Bears

Tutorial Runemaster: The Runemaster's Son

Chapter 1

Annoying Little Kobold Shamans

Artifact Theft


Attack on the Vegetable Vendor


Blind Guardian

Books, Cows and Virgins


Clearing Ship

Conflict over a Corpse

Corn Circles

Desperately Seeking Golem


Disturbance of the Peace

Down in the Sewers

Fishing Stores

Four Yellow Feet

Gantiar Copperore

Good Address

Gone Fishing

Help with the Hunt


Hungry Wolves

Insuring the Insurance


Kobold Canyon

Lahrian is Missing

Let's Have a Drink!

Mine Blockade



Rabbit Infestation

Rich Soil

Secure Shipment

Servant Troubles

Sinister Figures

Spider Infestation

Sweet Present

T-Energy Soldiers! (Daloriel the Depraved miniboss)

The Best Omelet of Them All

The Boar

The Chicken

The Diving Bell

The Eaten Cow

The Farm Woman's Husband

The Finder's Reward

The Griffin (The White Griffin miniboss)

The Kobold Building Co.

The Kobold Chieftain (Gahanka boss)

The Last Drop

The Legendary Pirate Treasure

The Lonely Hippocampus

The Lost Amulets

The Pelt

The Plague

The Prison Revolt

The Sick Hermit

The Stolen Poems

The Stray Cat

The Tame Bear

The Thief of Roses

The Thieves of the Elven Capital

The Turtle Eggs

The Wedding Ring

The Wolf Problem

Thieves and an Estranged Husband

Tragic End

Unexpected News

Chapter 2

A Growing Danger

Bad Sheep

Bad Soil

Bad Things

Besieged Temple


Escaping the Terror

Family Tradition

Fresh Fruit

Gathering Spume Herbs

Ghost Whisperings

Glorious Twelve Pointer

Greedy Rodents


Her Last Will

Honesty Pays

Impudence wins!


Jade Collier

Long Watch

Manners maketh Kobold

Monster in a Cave (Banshee miniboss)

Oh Happy Days

Present for the Bride

Pumpkin Kobold Heart Soup

Punishment for the Traitor

Rescuing the Leprosy Station



Safe Roads

Scattered View

Sickle Moon Wool

Sports Can Be Hazardous to Your Health

Stop the Golem

Swords to Plowshares

Take the Bull by the Horns

The Big Bad Werewolf (Bloodclaw miniboss)

The Dragonslayer

The Lighthouse Keeper

The Lost Letter

The Lost Ring

The Mad Butcher

The Moneylender

The Spirit of Atherton

The Wedding Gift

The Wild Boar (Raging Boar (aka Wild Boar) miniboss)

The Worst Ghosts

Unique Mounts

Witching About

Wolf Pelts

Wolves' Furs for Angar

Chapter 3

A Difficult Task

A Radical Solution

Fan Scarves

Feeding Time

Feuding Clans

New Footwear

Nouveau Varguz

Pure Water

The Hunting Dagger

The Ice Lord(Ice Lord miniboss)

The Lost Sword of Grammbrain the Mighty

The Mad Ogre (Thranak miniboss)

The Olympic Potion

The Scrounger

The Tooth Fairy

The Totem Chain

Wedding Anniversary

Chapter 4

Almost Godlike (Magmadur dragon boss)(singleplayer only)

Better Yields

Navigation Crystals

Chapter 5

Fire-eating Beyond the Grave (singleplayer only)

The Flame Lord (Flame Lord miniboss)

Chapter 6

A Feast

All Natural Products

Beautiful Olm Heads

Chewing Tobacco

Deadly Blue

Desire for Unity

Dog Tags

Dry Roads

Family Party

Green Gold

Hunting the Henchmen

I hope you're fine!

Mummy Priests (Dark Prince miniboss)

Orc Marauders

Personal Hygiene


Quick Help


Stirring Memories

The Dead Hold the Street

The Dream Vampire

The Family Grave

The Olm Farm

The Other Trophy Hunt

The Werewolf Hunt

Treasure Hunting (singleplayer only)

Venomous Prey

Water Samples

Chapter 7

A Rather Different Bar

Adventure Tours


Blood Feud



Desperate Archaeologist

Differing Opinions



Ending the Feud

Farmer Seeks Lady!


Forced Marriage

Horse Thieves


Lost 2

Lost Soldier

Nails Are Forever

Research Funds

Sad Simon

Salesman of Death

Scorpion Meat

Supplies for the Outpost

Take the Initiative

The Fearful Soldier

The Harpy Queen (Harpy Queen miniboss)

The Healer

The Last Journey

The New Book

The Number of the Beetle

The Paralyzer (Holos miniboss)

The Skewer

The Thing In The Cellar

Washed up Goods


You Wanna Bet?

Chapter 8


Food For All

Is That Your Bone?

The Boathouse

The Earth Lord (Earth Lord miniboss)

Chapter 9

Cat Over Board

Beggars Can't Be Choosers

Make Room for New Blood

One in a Million

Outside Interference

Priest Ordination

Shrunken Heads

Sophisticated Taste

The Country Needs New Trees

The Medallion of Wrath

The Perfect Green

The Poison Lord (Poison Lord miniboss)


Chapter 10

No Side Quests