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05.gif buffTGts.gif This Combat Art is a (Buff)

Raises a force field that partially absorbs incoming damage while enough energy remains to sustain the shield.

This Combat Art is an Energy Shield, and can be modified to become a Spell Damage Based Combat Art.


TG_Asp_01.png - Devout Guardian

Innate Abilities (Lvl 1)

From Bonus Overview:


See also: Sacred 2:Combat Art Modifications
MODicons_12.gif Bronze
  • Power - Increases shield energy. (+10% + 0.1% per Combat Art level to max. shield energy, 40% increase from base value)
  • Derogate - T-Energy Shroud sends out pulses that inflict damage to nearby opponents. (14 + 7 per Combat Art level Magic damage (+damage modifiers))

MODicons_10.gif Silver
  • Recharge - Enables energy recharge while in combat. (3 + 1 energy points per Combat Art level)
  • Reduction - Slightly reduces incoming damage. (5.0% + 0.1% per Combat Art level damage mitigation (all damage types))

MODicons_08.gif Gold
T-Energy Shroud without Modifications

Skills and Attributes

The following skills will affect this combat art:

  • Warding Energy Lore - will increase the "Ward Efficiency" value (total shield energy points), will improve the "Block Warding Energy" value (damage absorption), and will increase the Shield Regeneration rate when mastered. Note that Warding Energy Mastery (75 spent points) does not enable or increase shield regeneration while in combat; the regeneration speed bonus is applied to out-of-combat shield regeneration only. The Temple Guardian must take the Recharge mod to gain in-combat shield regeneration (which is increased by Tactics Lore).
  • Tactics Lore - increases the damage from the Derogate mod, increases in-combat Shield Regeneration of the Recharge mod, improves the "Block Warding Energy" value (damage absorption), allows for modification points.
  • Damage Lore - will improve the strength, duration, and chance for Weaken from the magic damage of Derogate.

The following attributes will affect this combat art:

  • Stamina reduces regeneration penalty.

Usage Strategies

  • Much information on the general use of energy shields is given in the article Energy Shields.
  • Suggested modifications: Power - Reduction - Reflection.
  • Important notes about the Silver Recharge Mod:
    • In-Combat Shield Regeneration is listed under the Σ list of modifiers (bonus overview).
    • The value is 3 + 1/level and is then modified by the +% Damage portion of Tactics Lore.
    • No other modifiers seem to have an effect on how much shield energy is regenerated while in combat.
  • Note that, like all CA's in the Devout Guardian aspect, casting speed is determined by weapon speed, and can be boosted by weapon lore skills and +% attack speed. Likewise, the casting speed will be penalized by wielding a weapon with too high a level.

Pros and Cons


  • Major increase to survivability, especially with Reduction mod
  • The only way in the game to achieve in-combat shield regeneration with the Recharge mod
  • The Reduction silver mod becomes more efficient as the character progresses into higher difficulties and negates more damage as enemies scale


  • It imposes a steep regeneration penalty to all Combat Arts
  • The damage radius of the Derogate mod is almost melee range and never increases
  • The silver mod Recharge cannot keep up with incoming damage at higher difficulties and enemy levels. It will however ensure the Temple Guardian is always under the effect of the shield even in combat, which is relevant for the flat damage reduction from the shield and the Derogate and Reflection mods, which become inactive if the shield is broken

Stats Chart

Level Regeneration Time of all Combat Arts Damage Absorption Ward Efficiency
1 +45.0% 2 36
2 +67.5% 2 36
  • Damage absorption is 1.5 + 0.5*CA level.
  • The damage frequency of the Derogate mod is 1 hit every 2 seconds.

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