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Temple Guardian Combat Arts

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Aspect: Devout Guardian

Aspects_Layer17.gif The Temple Guardian is a cyborg and as such, a deadly, efficient and unemotional war machine. Once, he had been created to protect the Great Machine; now, he is able to inflict severe physical damage to his opponents by using T-Energy purposefully. He boasts features that no other character possesses. The Temple Guardian is very strong in close combat.

Dedicated Blow

Gods_Char_Diff_CAs_49.gif A portion of physical damage is converted to the damage source, which the opponent has least resistance to.

Battle Extension

Gods_Char_Diff_CAs_51.gif An additional arm that will fell opponents during battle.

Deathly Spears

Gods_Char_Diff_CAs_53.gif Long spears will sprout from the Temple Guardian’s body in order to protect him from attacks within range.

Combat Alert

Gods_Char_Diff_CAs_59.gif Increases the attack and defense value.

T-Energy Shroud (Buff)

Gods_Char_Diff_CAs_61.gif Raises a force field that partially absorbs incoming damage while enough energy remains to sustain the shield.

Aspect: Lost Fusion

Aspects_Layer18.gif One arm of the Temple Guardian is purely mechanical, which allows him to exchange it and enhance it with T-Energy, to make it an even deadlier weapon against opponents. The Temple Guardian uses a number of weapon arm attacks for ranged combat, thereby destroying opponents before they even get close.

Amplifying Discharge

Gods_Char_Diff_CAs_65.gif A rapid shot with bullets. These have a chance to hit an additional opponent who is close to the original target.

Furious Emblazer

Gods_Char_Diff_CAs_67.gif A jet of molten fire burns everything in the Temple Guardian's path.

Jolting Touch

Gods_Char_Diff_CAs_69.gif The Temple Guardian clutches his opponent with the left hand immobilizing him and sending out electrical impulses for several seconds.

Archimedes Beam

Gods_Char_Diff_CAs_74.gif The Temple Guardian’s left arm unfolds a large parabolic mirror and fires a powerful beam of concentrated energy.

Propelled Levitation

Gods_Char_Diff_CAs_76.gif The Temple Guardian levitates and moves faster, which renders him more difficult to hit. His jet nozzles emit pulses, which will damage nearby opponents.

Aspect: Source Warden

Aspects_Layer19.gif The Temple Guardian was once part of the Great Machine and can still use T-Energy as a weapon. With it he can change the attributes of opponents and even those of his environment. T-Energy grants the Temple Guardian special abilities in order to weaken or transform his opponents. He is able to surround himself with an energy field and he can use extensive heat or cold to weaken his opponents.

Primal Mutation

Gods_Char_Diff_CAs_80.gif Causes direct damage using T-Energy. This combat art also gives the chance to transform an opponent into a harmless animal - or a T-mutated enemy!

Fiery Ember

Gods_Char_Diff_CAs_82.gif Causes fire damage and decreases opponents’ fire resistance within a certain radius. Allied players receive a bonus to ice resistance.

Icy Evanescence

Gods_Char_Diff_CAs_84.gif Causes ice damage and decreases opponents’ ice resistance within a certain radius. Allied players receive a bonus to fire resistance.

Charged Grid

Gods_Char_Diff_CAs_89.gif T-Energy pulsates around the Temple Guardian and damages opponents while it heals allies at the same time.

Untouchable Force (Buff)

Gods_Char_Diff_CAs_91.gif Creates a small force field around the Temple Guardian that causes light damage to nearby opponents with the possibility to leave them stunned.

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