Sacred 2:The Nameless Guardian

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Damage Done:

Weak against:


  • There are four Guardians, each with its own strengths and weaknesses (check the images below).
  • The first one does Physical and Magic, the second Physical and Fire etc. Committing to memory the order of the elemental damages that each Guardian will produce can be a strategy. A player can use his relic holder to flip up the correct element to properly shield, as much as possible, the specific elemental damage that a Guardian is dealing out. A player, for example, encountering the first Guardian which deals Magical damage would make sure that his magical (blue) relics are facing upwards on his relic holder
  • Order in which Guardians will wake up and which a player should make sure his relic holder is aligned to:

Magicrelic1.png Purple - Magic Guardian

Firerelic1.png Red - Fire Guardian

Icerelic1.png Blue - Ice Guardian

Poisonrelic1.png Green - Poison Guardian

  • The Poison Guardian has the largest amount of healthpoints amongst all the Guardians, a significant and larger difference from the others. He will also use Charged Grid which uses Life leeched per hit which makes him even more dangerous.
  • A player may attempt to lure a Guardian from out of the room. The Heart of the Machine will not be able to assist it (giving its shield, attacking you), it is then much easier to defeat (but might cause a bug which will prevent other Guardians from waking up).

Heart of the Machine

  • The Heart of the Machine will also release a drop if destroyed, creating a total of 5 possible drops per "run" against the Guardians if attempting to procure Legendary items.
  • Console versions are able to destroy the heart, but are unable to loot it. The items will appear, but cannot be collected.
  • In PC versions of the game, the heart can be destroyed and looted. Only ranged attacks (press "ctrl" & left mouse to attack) will destroy the heart, spells (Spell Damage Based Combat Arts) will have no effect upon it. Normal ranged attacks will do damage of only 1 point per hit and will take a long time to destroy the heart. It is advised to use a ranged weapon with %leech modifier such as a Throwing Stars which will successfully do normal damage, are able to be used by all classes, and can be socketed with Attack Speed item modifier to destroy the egg quickest. The second, less powerful form of leech will also do normal damage but do it slower. After the items have dropped, pressing ALT will list all the names of the items that have fallen, after which a player may click upon and choose any item to be collected with their mouse.

Monster Levels

These are the levels at which this monster can spawn at each difficulty level:

Difficulty Minimum Level Maximum Level
Bronze 26 40-41
Silver 26 75-76
Gold 66 120-121
Platinum 96 160-161
Niob 136 215-216