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When an opponent's Health Points fall below the deathblow x% threshold which can be checked by looking at sigma, the player will begin at that point to deal double damage to all enemies being currently attacked whether by melee, ranged, or spell.* Note: The modifier "Opponent's Level For Death Blow" has no effect whatsoever on spell damage on the game after its expansion. However, Death Blow still works on spells in Console versions and Sacred 2 prior to the Ice and Blood expansion.

  • For,it has been verified that Radiant Pillar as a non-weapon based/DoT CA is affected by deathblow gear bonuses.

Diminishing returns

Deathblow has diminishing returns which means that a higher percentage of deathblow will have to be worn, socketed or wielded via weapon slot than will actually manifest on the player's character. Checking sigma (F key) will report the actual opponent level for deathblow %.

The following data is an example of how socketing fewer jewelry with larger amounts of death blow will yield a better true death blow %. As a character gains levels, the percentage of death blow per piece of jewelry and on items native to it that can be found and/or bought will increase. Death blow thus becomes more efficient to use at higher levels with the possibility having higher percentage of death blow while using fewer sockets.

  • Equipping two items totaling 52.2% (30.2+22.0) yields:

Chance for deathblow 41.7%

  • Equipping one item with a 47.1% chance for deathblow yields:

Chance for deathblow 47.1%

  • Equipping four items totaling 121.4% (47.1+30.2+22.1+22.0) yields:

Chance for deathblow 65.4%

Availability of Opponent level for deathblow +X% as Item Modifier

This modifier is available on the following uniques as a yellow modifier (that requires no skill).

This modifier is available on the following unique jewelry as a yellow modifier (that requires no skill).

This modifier is available on the following unlock items as a yellow modifier (that requires no skill):

This Item Modifier is also available on regular items that can be purchased at vendors as yellow modifier (that requires no skill). Purchased regular items which can have deathblow upon them include armor, weapons and jewelry.

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