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Technical Data

Class: Dryad

Set name: Remnants of Glaurung

Set Item Names:

Available sockets:

  • N/A


  • N/A

Armor Resistances:

Bonus to Combat Arts

  • N/A

Bonus to Skills

Bonus to Attributes

Item Modifiers

About the Set

  • Glaurung was the first great evil dragon of Middle Earth, and although he lived before Dragons had wings and could fly, he sowed immense chaos and sorrow in the First Age. These pieces are his remnants.
  • This set can be classified either as a Dryad set or as an All Class set. While the shrunken head can be used by the Dryad only, the rings and amulets have no class restrictions. Any character can wear these items and gain the partial set bonuses.
    • The High Elf could wear all the jewelry and get the 5-piece bonus, and the best the other classes could achieve would be 4 pieces (except for the Seraphim who could wear only 3 pieces).
  • Glaurung's Head functions just like any other shrunken head. It increases damage against Dragon-type enemies, and can be used to summon a very powerful Dragon minion with the Moribund Animus buff.

The Set Bonuses

These bonuses are dependent on character level and game difficulty. As the character levels up the Set Bonus will increase on a per level basis. In some cases there will be no change in stats from one level to another. This is because some stats increase at a fraction per level up. The server difficulty being played on will also have an effect on the Set Bonuses. For example a character's Set Bonuses will be higher in Niobium difficulty than any other difficulty.

# of Items Bronze Silver Gold Platinum Niobium (lvl 200)
Regeneration Time 3 - 20.1%
All Combat Arts 4 + 8
All Skills 5 + 9
Leech life from opponents 6 + 1.9%

Remannts of glaurung set bonus.jpg

Recommended pieces

  • ...

Set Item Drop Levels

  • The 2 amulets begin dropping at level 20 and drop in 20 level increments
  • Ring of Talons and Ring of Heartscales begin dropping at level 15 and drop in 10 level increments
  • Ring of Tail Spikes begins dropping at level 20 and drops in 10 level increments
  • Glaurung's Head begins dropping at level 30 and drops in 10 level increments

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