Sacred 2:Memories of the Trees

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Technical Data

Class: Dryad

Set name: Memories of the Trees

Set item names:

Available sockets:

  • Material.png 1 Material Socket
  • Gold.png 1 Gold Socket


Bonus to skills

Item modifiers

About the set

  • This set can be classified either as a Dryad set or as an All Class set. While the blowpipe can be used by the Dryad only, the ring and amulet have no class restrictions. Any character can wear these items and gain the 2 item partial set bonus.

The set bonuses

# of Items Bronze Silver Gold Platinum Niobium (lvl 200)
Duration of potion effects 2 + 37.5 %
Dexterity 3 + 27.5 %

Trees bonus.gif

Recommended pieces

Set Item Drop Levels

Memories of the trees.jpg

-. -.

-. -.

-. -.