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  • Provides a chance to reflect opponents' projectile attacks. It can reflect any ranged weapon attack, including Weapon Damage Based Combat Arts. The attack is blocked from affecting the player and instead is inflicted on the opponent.
  • Bonuses from different sources have diminishing returns and can be calculated using the following formula:

x_final = х_1 + х_2*(100%-х_1)^2 + х_3*(100%-(х_1+х_2*(100%-х_1)^2))^2 + х_4*...

  • The block is calculated before reflection. Blocked damage cannot be reflected when reaching 100% chance to block (only possible for Close Combat).
    • For example a High Elf repeatedly casting the Expulse Magic on herself eventually gains a Chance Block Combat Arts at close to 100%, and the "Crystal Skin" buff ceases to reflect spells, as all they have previously blocked. This fact in no way belittles the importance of reflection, however, just a note of the fact that when achieving 100% chance to block, reflection makes no sense as it simply won't work.
  • Successfully blocking or reflecting a close combat or ranged combat attack negates all detrimental effects and negative effects like stun/disarm/Deep Wounds-Serious Open Wounds-Deadly Wounds, that could have been caused by this attack.
  • In the U.S. version of Fallen Angel (and on consoles) this bonus is called "Chance to reflect: Ranged"

Availability of Chance to reflect: Projectiles as Item Modifier

This modifier is available on the following unique jewelry as a yellow modifier:

This modifier is available on the following set items as a yellow modifier:

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